Who searches for this Blog?

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Using WP- Stats I set about answering this question-

What search keywords lead here-

Clearly Michael Jackson is down this year

And R GUI, Data Mining is up.

How does that affect my writing- given I get almost 250 visitors by search engines alone daily- assume I write nothing on this blog from now on.

It doesnt- I still write what ever code or poem that comes to my mind. So it is hurtful people misunderstimate the effort in writing and jump to conclusions (esp if I write about a company- I am not on payroll of that company- just like if  I write about a poem- I am not a full time poet)

Over to xkcd

All Time (for Decisionstats.Wordpress.com)

Search Views
libre office 818
facebook analytics 806
michael jackson history 240
wps sas lawsuit 180
r gui 168
wps sas 154
wordle.net 118
sas wps 116
decision stats 110
sas wps lawsuit 100
google maps jet ski 94
data mining 88
doug savage 72
hive tutorial 63
spss certification 63
hadley wickham 63
google maps jetski 62
sas sues wps 60
decisionstats 58
donald farmer microsoft 45
libreoffice 44
wps statistics 44
best statistics software 42
r gui ubuntu 41
rstat 37
tamilnadu advanced technical training institute tatti 37


2009-11-24 to Today

Search Views
libre office 818
facebook analytics 781
wps sas lawsuit 170
r gui 164
wps sas 125
wordle.net 118
sas wps 101
sas wps lawsuit 95
google maps jet ski 94
data mining 86
decision stats 82
doug savage 63
hadley wickham 63
google maps jetski 62
hive tutorial 56
donald farmer microsoft 45

Getting Worse -Poem

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The lowering of hope with the passing of time

Led to the ineffectual habit of writing rhyme

And once hooked I quickly became stuck

Even poetically I ran out of luck

I wriggled I squiggled I thought really hard

But I hate to admit I am no bard

I guess I have what they call the writer’s block

Where you sit and stare at the passing of the clock

Hoping you catch the muse again by its tail

Ride the surf some more and do not fail

This poem is getting bad I must be getting on your nerve

I am going off on a tangent on the poetic curve


Well I guess I must then stop I am out of words

And throw this limerick out for the birds

Again I apologize for wasting your time

Poets after all are a dozen per dime


But if in spite of that if I gave you some relief

From the daily mundanity and its accompanying grief

Don’t thank me then just thank the muse

I just play with words having nothing to lose.

A Poem on Demand

On Demand entertainment I need to hear
On Demand information of webcasts, white papers dear
On demand downloads of information I am told I really need
Sometimes it is tough to keep which is shallow what is deep

Is it really on demand or were you overwhelmed and manipulated by the supply
On Demand Supply and estimates of forecasts of influencer of the demand
Friendship is also on demand

But Loneliness is Free and Open Source
And so is Freedom

How many Fans, Followers, Likes can you get
Before your critical mass makes you Viral
Like a Video Bieber whose clothes are torn by crowds

Searching for your 900 seconds of On Demand fame
You want to be paid on demand but work only on a creative fancy
Your on demand laziness is too demanding now
Ceteras Paribus, On demand is too much to demand
and much too on always on 24 7

Give me a book a friend and some peace and quiet
Bet you things arent there on supply but always on demand
Or are they?

Poem – To Much

Chalazion of the Eyelid This is the classic li...
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to read to ponder

so much more this earth in wonder

to work to sweat

finish task before dreaded deadline regret


to relax to ease

recharge renew fresh surge release

to family to friend

share joys daily day comprehend

to move to ride

swallow obstacle uncertainty ego pride

to pause to cease

total losses bandage hurt elbow knees

to write to express

thoughts tightly word compress

to all to none

end this poem fresh one begun

to die to sleep

deep secret beneath shut eyelid keep

to live be awake

eyes open wide much more beauty to partake


Poem- El Martini

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About 76,000 times and in 0.18 seconds

my friend, the google, does me inform,

are results for the keywords search poem on martini,

dampens enthusiasm for another poetic tome.

What can I say- that hasnt been said before,

760 thousand times about you and more,

Shaken and Stirred by Mr Bond,

sometimes dirty and mostly dryly spawned.

El Martini is here   to stay,

ladies and gentlemen, your host for the evening today.

Sip the cold, and smooth flavor,

add some olives – or green apples savor.

dont drink too much,

this is art as a drink,

sip martini slowly,

pause and blink.


Purge thoughtful plans today,

schemes and chores for another day.

El Martini strums a mean guitar,

how exotic, this stranger from afar.

still I pause, down two cups for the road,

having started, I need to finish this ode.

El Martini- has finished his song,

Mesmerized we happily clap along,

As he bows, we ask for a last request.

An encore would be terrific, no less.


Poem : A Poets Life

I read and wrote and joked and pondered
Inevitably I found myself occasionally wandered
Those who wander are not always lost
And so I consoled my earthly Faust

Sometimes the good guys win and place first
In an uncharectristic improbable late blooming burst

Predicting God‘s plan for yourself
Is like predicting who and if there is a God
No dearth of contradictions,
Self doubting logic brought.

Thanks for reading, hope it was worth your time
I am medium sized poet, with a mediocre chime
And sometimes you yourself may feel blue
Its your own time to waste, and remember that’s true.

Before I leave or you have left
Ponder once more what this moment brought
Summarizing once more a poets life
In an age of blogs, tweets and promotional strife

I am dying of a disease called life
Friends and Family are protective still
My medication helps but will only stall the end
My stubborn body awaits my soul upwards to send

I have lived not too long nor too short it will be
Fought battles some planned some momentarily
Made friends and loved ah so well
On the whole it was rather interesting to dwell

Blog Update

Some changes at Decisionstats-

1) We are back at Decisionstats.com and Decisionstats.wordpress.com will point to that as well. The SEO effects would be interesting and so would be the Instant Pagerank or LinkRank or whatever Coffee/Percolator they use in Cali to index the site.

2) AsterData is no longer a sponsor- but Predictive Analytics Conference is. Welcome PAWS! I have been a blog partner to PAWS ever since it began- and it’s a great marketing fit. Expect to see a lot of exclusive content and interviews from great speakers at PAWS.

3) The Feedblitz newsletter (now at 404 subscribers) is now a weekly subscription to send one big big email rather than lots of email through the week- this is because my blogging frequency is moving up as I collect material for a new book on business analytics that I would probably release in 2011 (if all goes well, touchwood). Linkedin group would be getting a weekly update announcement. If you are connected to Decisionstats on Analyticbridge _ I would soon try to find a way to update the whole post automatically using RSS and Ning.com . or not. Depends.

4) R continues to be a bigger focus. So will SPSS and maybe JMP. Newer softwares or older softwares that change more rapidly would get more coverage. Generally a particular software is covered if it has newer features, or an interesting techie conference, or it gets sued.

5) I will occasionally write a poem or post a video once a week randomly to prove geeks and nerds and analysts can have fun (much more fun actually dont we)

Thanks for reading this. Sept 2010 was the best ever for Decisionstats.com – we crossed 15,000 + visitors and thanks for that again! I promise to bore you less and less as we grow old together on the blog 😉

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