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Author’s note follows-

I started Decision Stats in 2007 , primarily as a tool for reducing information asymmetry especially in some circles in India on technology.  The motivation was

  • build some perspective on data mining, and free online tools
  • Learning ( I turned 30 and had a mid life crisis!)
  • and for developing my writing and research skills ( which were bad ..)
  • Intellectual curiosity ( What does it take to be a Blogger!)

Over time and based on feedback from Web Analytics I started adding interviews and tutorials on DIY analytics.

From a research point of view I branched out into cyber conflict ( hacking and war), social media analytics ( connecting to APIs and analyzing and then optimizing), strategy for open source creators alongside my love for statistical software.

Blog Categories-

  • India

Debunking myths on India – We are better then Slumdog Millionaire but not everyone has access to computer coding.

  • Internet-

Online World especially Websites and sometimes social media and loud computing

  • Analytics – As my previous company  logo said “Analytics is beautiful” I love all things data and write about them here.
  • Google- and
  • SAS – two companies I write about a lot.
  • Company Analysis – If we talk company specific things
  • Interviews – Interaction and views of people.

I also write movie reviews (very short) and my poetry has been moved to a separate blog at http://poemsforkush.com

Follow it there,  or on twitter ( I keep changing the handle!)

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  • In Analytics I offer primarily but not exclusively R based consulting.
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Monthly Views ~ 9-12000

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Generally ranked among top 5 results for statistical software, and associated keywords.



and hopefully it was worth your time.

Stats (note 0 denotes the time periods it was off wordpress.com servers). Unfortunately since 2013, Google does not tell people enough anout what keywords lead to traffic and WordPress.com has been making changes to its stats, so my dream of data driven content creation is well waiting for data 🙂



Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2007 12 12
2008 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 11
2009 14 8 2 0 142 415 289 319 4,503 5,898 5,571 5,585 22,746
2010 6,311 4,701 4,922 5,463 6,493 4,271 5,041 5,403 17,913 16,430 11,723 10,345 99,016
2011 10,238 9,868 11,402 11,629 11,726 993 0 2 0 192 0 0 56,050
2012 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 7,811 14,058 17,306 12,005 51,182
2013 13,940 12,153 12,948 13,371 12,778 12,085 12,894 11,934 9,914 14,764 12,907 11,875 151,563
2014 9,784 10,629 11,237 10,298 1,603 43,551

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