No Hacker is a Bandit

When bankers in suits can lose billions, and be bailed out by tax payer money and pay themselves and each other millions- why should the common man , the middle class be left out of the gravy train that economic productivity created by digital revolutions.

A hacker is a highly skilled person, why should he be exploited for visas, billing rates, sub contracting but have no recourse in normal outdated legal processes

If spies can hack ala Stuxnet and get golden medals

If companies can hack and be rewarded by IPOs

Why cant humans hack and be rewarded for it

Hackers and malware creators are highly talented individuals who have been failed with the system, one in which corporations and governments collude for deliberate vulnerabilities on unsuspecting tax paying software buying people

No Linux user is complaining of a virus if you noticed. But you cant sue people for defective software. Yet!

Find all csv files in a folder using Python and R




In [5]:
import os
import glob
In [6]:
In [7]:
path = 'C:\\Users\\Dell\\Downloads'
In [8]:
extension = 'csv'
In [9]:
result = [i for i in glob.glob('*.{}'.format(extension))]
['AirPassengers.csv', 'BigDiamonds.csv', 'Boston (1).csv', 'Boston.csv', 'ccFraud.csv', 'class2.csv', 'data1.csv', 'datasets.csv', 'Diamond (1).csv', 'Diamond (2).csv', 'Diamond (3).csv', 'Diamond (4).csv', 'Diamond (5).csv', 'Diamond (6).csv', 'Diamond.csv', 'Hdma.csv', 'Hedonic.csv', 'pgd.csv', 'protein.csv', 'RidingMowers.csv', 'sales-of-shampoo-over-a-three-ye.csv', 'telecom.csv']

Hacking Elections As a Service

Imagine a world

  • Mainland China uses cyber weapons and tactics to influence Taiwan’s elections
  • Israel uses cyber tactics to influence Iran’s elections (yes Iran has elections)
  • Russia /Syria/ Iran uses cyber tactics to influence Israel’s elections
  • Pakistan uses cyber weapons and tactics to influence India”s elections
  • North Korea does it to one of South Korea’s parties /politicians
  • Lots of clients in Latin America for such specialists

The revelations of Russian (?) hacking (selectively) and leaking in an electoral cycle  to favor a candidate which is more friendly than the other to them, could unleash a new era of cyber tactics. What is the central premise? Every party has something to hide, and each party has a foreign policy stand

If this was 1960, the CIA could have used the internet to bring down Castro (no need of poisoned Cigars)

Hacking Elections as a Service!



3 Movie Reviews

After a lazy cold winter in which I suffered from cervical /neck pain thanks to soccer adventures in twenties, I return with some light hearted movie reviews

  1. Rogue One- The movie was great and it was how the rebel alliance got the blueprint to the death star in the first place- think of it as the movie between Return of the Sith and before A New Hope. Yes well done movie, and alas, goodbye Princess Leia in her final appearance. Suicide missions seem so heroic if performed in the Western Cinema and horrifying when in East.rogue-one-jyn-ersa-geared-up
  2. Dangaal- Aamir khan returns as producer/ director on a true inspired tale of a retired wrestler battling patriarchal society misogny (India in Haryana) to train his two daughters to medal winning heights. Inspiring and like all sports movies cliched like Rocky. dangale
  3. Kaabil- Blind man plots revenge after rape- suicide of his blind wife. Bollywood’s most handsome hero returns to act in his prdoucer dad’s movie and delivers an excellent gem. Justice is blind and revenge is sweet if done to the bad guys.maxresdefault