Predicting Oscars

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Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) – Alejandro González Iñárritu, John Lesher, and James W. Skotchdopole

Interviewed on my analytics adventures

I just got interviewed rather extensively at

Interview with Industry expert – Ajay Ohri

Kunal: You started data science career much before people would have heard about it and it became one of the hottest field around. What were the challenges that you faced during the initial stages of your professional career?

Ajay: Cool question man. Yeah it used to be called business analytics, then data analytics and now its data science. What will they call it next?

Initial challenges: R was raw (this was 2007) , SAS was expensive, even Open Office was not so good as it is now. Getting a pipeline of work, leads for clients, converting leads to contracts and chasing people to pay me after work done were initial challenges.

you can read the rest of the interview at

Hacking Climate Change -ultimate data challenge

Hacking climate change is more of a data challenge as we try and backtest and forecast our models. Unfortunately the science is hostage to the politics, but sharing data openly, including cutting edge results without worrying on ancient national interests would be the first step in a planet wide effort to save the planet.

Movie Review Birdman

This is an awesome movie with the term coming to mind as a mind-fish movie. Superb cast, superb acting and the camera makes the movie as it was done in one take.

Birdman- shall set us free. It talks of art, sexuality, theatre, fragile egos, and our obsession with fantasy and comic book  movies that is strangling art slowly and surely.


A Writer’s Dilemma A Data Scientist’s Decision

CAM00682Writing sucks as a way of paying money. You have to constantly ask for gigs and favours so you can pay the bills, till your publisher sends you the royalties for writing statistics books (which is not much)

Recently I was approached by someone to do research on Indian nuclear policy . I mentioned my billing rates as 80 pounds per hour, but said person wanted me to raise it to 110 pounds per hour.

Only one small hitch. The  sub part of Indian nuclear policy that I was asked to write a report on – was to locate , interview and find out India’s top nuclear scientists for small reactors.

India has of course a big research interest in nuclear energy but we seemed to be going in for big reactors and thorium reactors.

The only two small nuclear reactors in India- and one of them is in INS Arihant ( India’s nuclear submarine launched last year). In effect I was being asked to make a list of top 20 likely candidates who had helped India with a nuclear submarine reactor.

I have said no to the person, I have been subjected to verbal insults, threats and innuendo.

But Data Scientists trust in God. Everybody else has to work harder for the data.

I hope this is a lesson for fellow researchers , data scientists because as I said, writing is a lousy way of making money.

Was I wrong? Am I just living in a fantasy land? Do you believe I am a criminal and a thug?


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