Data Mining through the Android

Here is something interesting (I probably have to ask someone or wait for Android to come to India to do this personally0.

It uses the Android App Development ( which is quite easy if you have a Linux) and basically runs R from the cloud using a GUI Rattle. Fire away the data while watching a movie or just on the go !

See this-

Question- How useful do you think it will be to do this?  Would you like to run R on your mobile?

Interesting R and BI Web Event

An interesting webinar from Revolution, the vanguard of corporate R things- mixing R analytics and BI Dashboards. Me thinks – an alliance with BI dashboard maker could also help the Revo guys as BI and Analytics are two similar yet different markets. Also could help if you are a newbie to BI  but know enough analytics/stats.

Click on the screenshot below if interested.



David Smith, vice president of Marketing, Revolution Analytics
Steve Miller, president, OpenBI, LLC
Andrew Lampitt, senior director, Technology Alliances, Jaspersoft

BI implementors seeking to integrate predictive analytics into BI dashboards;
R users and developers seeking to distribute advanced analytics to business users;
Business users seeking to improve their BI outcomes.

R Modeling with huge data

Here is a training course by BI Vendor, Netezza which uses R analytical capabilties. Its using R in the customized appliances of Netezza.


R Modeling for TwinFin i-Class

Learn how to use TwinFin i-Class for scaling up the R language.

In this class, you’ll learn how to use R to create models using huge data and how to create R algorithms that exploit our asymmetric massively parallel (AMPP®) architecture. Netezza has seamlessly integrated with R to offload the heavy lifting of the computational processing on TwinFin i-Class. This results in higher performance and increased scalability for R. Sign up for this class to learn how to take advantage of TwinFin i-Class for your R modeling. Topics include:

  1. R CRAN package installation on TwinFin i-Class
  2. Creating models using R on TwinFin i-Class
  3. Creating R algorithms for TwinFin i-Class

Hands-on classroom lecture, lab exercises, tour

Knowledgeable R users – modelers, analytic developers, data miners

Course Length
0.5 day: 12pm-4pm Wednesday, June 23 OR 8am-12pm Thursday, June 24 OR 1pm-5pm Thursday, June 24, 2010

Enzee Universe 2010, Boston, MA

Student Prerequisites

  • Working knowledge of R and parallel computing
  • Have analytic, compute-intensive challenges
  • Understanding of data mining and analytics

Google: Prediction API and other cool stuff

Google just announced it’s tools Big Query and Prediction API for use with it’s new cloud storage device called Google Storage. With this the computing cycle seems to have come a full circle – from mainframe to desktop/servers to cloud. The Prediction API seems interesting but it, and the other services, are quite clearly dependent on market as well as developer enthusiasm. Me thinks, Google knows a thing or two about Big Data, and this one looks like a revenue positive product from Google ( unless they get REST less and let it languish like other great ideas-like Docs,Wave etc)

Also could be interesting is applications from both R, as well as SAS and SPSS to start using this remote data cloud/server farm 😉

With Storage,Querying and Prediction Analysis- Google is definitely in the Infrastructure as a Service business, but success with these services would be crucial to establish it’s name in the formidably lucrative business analytics and business intelligence fields.

Social Media Analysis Toolkit

Here is a comprehensive set of tools I see across various social media channels. They include

  1. Video
  2. Blogs
  3. Newsletter
  4. Twitter
  5. Facebook
  6. Documents
  7. Website
  8. Search Engine (Marketing and Optimization)

Note the use of text mining for sentiment analysis is not covered here- though it can be included at a later date. In about five minutes know how to create a free online social media analysis toolkit for your communications.

How to read blogs in Indonesian and Chinese!

I just discovered the magic of Google Chrome’s Translate tool- it is a one  click operation. So if you want to read blogs in any other language, install Google chrome and tweak the settings accordingly- see below the top of the screenshot ( from the excellent Indonesian R Blog also available on Twitter at @rcommunity )

Or else if you prefer you old browser you can go to and copy and paste. Good thing about the Chrome is – even if you dont have admin rights on the machine, it STill installs just fine- and it works faster!

Also see

What do you want to know in data analytics?

I will be posting video responses to the questions asked by you at (using Google Moderator)

So ask and I willl compile the best questions and reply on.

All you want to know in data analytics- What do you want to know in data analytics?

Below-Screenshot of existing questions asked already-

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