2023 Data Science Survey: Please Participate & Help spread the word

Rexer Analytics has been conducting the Data Science Survey since 2007. Each survey explores the analytic behaviors, views, and preferences of data scientists and analytic professionals. This year we are excited to work with Eric Siegel and his Machine Learning Week organization to design, promote, and analyze this Data Science Survey.

Summary reports from previous surveys are available FREE to download from the Rexer Analytics website.

Karl Rexer and Eric Siegel will present preliminary highlights of the 2023 survey results at the Machine Learning Week conference in Las Vegas in June 2023, and the presentation will be posted online shortly afterward. Come join us! A full summary report will be available for download from the Rexer Analytics website later in 2023.

Movie Review -The Batman is the worst Batman movie sans Ben Affleck

We have seen Batman movies before. The Gold Standard of the Nolan Trilogy. The original series of Keaton-Kilmer-Clooney (Clooney was terrible too)

Ben Affleck was a bad Batman , but better than Daredevil

This one is an attempt to make Batman the Greatest Detective some angst and brooding. It fails

All you have is a wasted effort and a long movie

I could be a better Batman. Its like that

MLFlow on Azure Databricks

On Azure Databricks you can create experiments using MLFlow https://mlflow.org/

notebook_path = ‘/Users/Ajay/Folder’

notebook_path = notebook_path
mlflow.set_experiment(notebook_path + ‘_experiments’)

with mlflow.start_run(run_name=”ExperimentRun”+curr_ts):




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