Happy New Year : 2009 Predictions and 2008 Recap

Here are some economic predictions I made at the start of 2008 –


1) Recessions -especially recessions that are anticipated and planned for always look worst at the beginning.

2) While some can cut spending the usual way for Govts is supply side (fed  rate cuts) for more money  , and demand side(Keynes) stimulus spending

3) Political costs is always a key policy decider in economic slow downs. We may see more bi partisan ship as parties work together for welfare projects in an election year

Basically the only prediction that I got correct was Number 9 –

9) We will have more interesting 2008 than 2007. That’s the economist in me speaking. As Alan Greenspan wrote we will live in the age of turbulence.

In fact that was the only thing Alan and I got correct the whole year , though I did switch to Keynesian spending in June , that’s before Ben Bernanke did but about 15 years after Paul Krugman did.

Anyway here are some economic predictions for 2009 ( economists , even pretend ones like me are rather stubborn)


)0( Price of Oil and Commodities will rebound by end of quarter 1. This would also be impacted by the auto industry in 2 months time and any consolidation there.

1) Entertaintment business will continue to grow. It may thrive as people have more time and more reason to get cheered up.Expect more shift to the web though not in the degree expected.Online entertainment will  further evolve. Expect more profitable online communities.

2) War focuses will shift from Iraq to Afghan-Pakistan ( it already has).Expect some more rumbles and surprises there.

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Bollywood –God Made This Couple

In the first mega release of the winter , Rab Ney Bana Di Jodi

( Translated as God Made this Couple) shines as a vintage Shahrukh

entertainer.The Khan plays an ordinary guy married to a beautiful

girl , all by accident . While the introverted Punjab Power engineer

tries his best to be decent and Nice, he loves the bubbly spirit of his wife,

which now seemed extinguished post the arranged marriage from her dying

father .So he lets her join a Dance class in conservative town Amritsar.

Where she meets another guy ,played by Shahrukh again , who shaves off

moustache,loses the bifocals , gels the hair , and the formal haan ji talk

to become an unrecogonizable and hip cool lothario.Its like watching

people not being able to make out SuperMan once he decides to be

Clark Kent.Or the other way around.


Anyways..it s a sweet movie , so go watch it with the family for

some entertaining time in these cold winters.Shahrukh shines, but he

is getting too old to wear tight shirts now, even in a partial role.

Bollywood Movie- Oye Lucky ,Lucky Oye



While working on a database project ( one where you stare endlessly at the screen only to type

at random intervals as the computer decides)- I decided to revive my short Bollywood Reviews.

In Reverse chronological order.

Here comes Lucky the story of a thief played by the thinking Deol, Abhay

Deol.He plays a grand scene stealer , even though Paresh Rawal does a

triple role as the father, the crime mentor, and the white collar partner

of Lucky Singh- . Like his name Lucky is a happy go lucky chap, borne

in a poorneighbourhood and using his latent intelligence as well as

quick thinkingto steal stuff.And man does he steal a lot of stuff

watch this latest Bollywood entertainer ,its a safer entertainer than

the other hyped up and souped up mega releases these holidays.

While those mega movies do have star appeal,

Oye Lucky ,Lucky Oye shines in simple down to earth appeal.

In Punjabi Oye is a common word,

meaning as an Eh or a hey.

Virtual Softwares :Telecommuting 2

Here is a list of resources I got from a blog site called www.remotedesktop.com

with a wiki here http://wiki.remotedesktop.com/

It is quite a nice simple site, with a great domain name, and is dedicated to virtualization softwares, especially for dummy terminal use and my favourite topic- telecommuting.(which I wrote earlier in the month)

Some of the sites highlighted are –I am adding two remote meeting softwares ( SharedView from MS and GotoMeeting besides the Google Docs site)




and Go To Meeting from



Besides the inevitable Google Docs

from www.docs.google.com which are quite good for collobrative work but can be used for remote working as well.


Unlimited Managed Systems edition: $499/administrator (MB423Z/A)

10 Managed Systems edition: $299/administrator (MB422Z/A)

Also includes an automator –

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R –Refcards and Basic I/O Operations

While working with a large number of files for data processing, I used the following R commands for data processing. Given that everyone needs to split as well merge and append data – I am just giving some code on splitting data based on parameters , and appending data as well as merging data.

Splitting Data Based on a Parameter.

The following divides the data into subsets which contain either Male or anything else in different datasets.

Input and Subset

Note the read.table command assigns the dataset name X in R environment from the file reference (path denoted by ….)

x <- read.table(....)
rowIndx <- grep("Male", x$col)
write.table(x[rowIndx,], file="match")
write.table(x[-rowIndx,], file="nomatch")

Suppose we need to divide the dataset into multiple data sets.

X17 <- subset(X, REGION == 17)

This is prefered to the technique -

X17 = X[REGION == 17,]


For putting the files back to the Windows environment you can use-

write.table(x,file="",row.names=TRUE,col.names=TRUE,sep=" ")


Lets say you have a large number of data files ( say csv files )

that you need to append (assuming the files are in same structure)

after performing basic operations on them.

>setwd("C:\\Documents and Settings\\admin\\My Documents\\Data")

Note this changes the working folder to folder you want it to be,

note the double slashes which are needed to define the path

>list.files(path = ".", pattern = NULL, all.files = FALSE, full.names = FALSE,recursive = FALSE, ignore.case = FALSE)

The R output would be something like below

[1] "calk.csv"                                            "call.csv"                                           
[2]"calm.csv"                                            "caln.csv"                                           
[3]"calo.csv"                                            "calp.csv"                                           

For appending one file repeatedly (like ten times) you can use the command

file.append("A", rep("B", 10))

For Refcards on learning R , the best ones are –




dtp.amazon.com BETA

Here is a nice beta thing for all authors.

Amazon’s self publishing paltform


It is great for ease of use, functional design and convenience.

Caveat – Its limited to United States .You need United States Tax information to register.image

But still a very good DTP platform and aimed at the Amazon Kindle ( E –Book ) Segment initially.



I belive you know this already, but in case you don’t. Scribd.com is a much better view to share documents than the normal upload-the-pdf and wait-for-it-to-load-method.


You can see the previews here ( I was experimenting with http://www.decisionstats.com/drupal in the middle of some finishing some models and creating software robots projects-



image image

or can actually see the full effect here


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