Bollywood –God Made This Couple

In the first mega release of the winter , Rab Ney Bana Di Jodi

( Translated as God Made this Couple) shines as a vintage Shahrukh

entertainer.The Khan plays an ordinary guy married to a beautiful

girl , all by accident . While the introverted Punjab Power engineer

tries his best to be decent and Nice, he loves the bubbly spirit of his wife,

which now seemed extinguished post the arranged marriage from her dying

father .So he lets her join a Dance class in conservative town Amritsar.

Where she meets another guy ,played by Shahrukh again , who shaves off

moustache,loses the bifocals , gels the hair , and the formal haan ji talk

to become an unrecogonizable and hip cool lothario.Its like watching

people not being able to make out SuperMan once he decides to be

Clark Kent.Or the other way around. s a sweet movie , so go watch it with the family for

some entertaining time in these cold winters.Shahrukh shines, but he

is getting too old to wear tight shirts now, even in a partial role.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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