Bollywood Movie- Oye Lucky ,Lucky Oye



While working on a database project ( one where you stare endlessly at the screen only to type

at random intervals as the computer decides)- I decided to revive my short Bollywood Reviews.

In Reverse chronological order.

Here comes Lucky the story of a thief played by the thinking Deol, Abhay

Deol.He plays a grand scene stealer , even though Paresh Rawal does a

triple role as the father, the crime mentor, and the white collar partner

of Lucky Singh- . Like his name Lucky is a happy go lucky chap, borne

in a poorneighbourhood and using his latent intelligence as well as

quick thinkingto steal stuff.And man does he steal a lot of stuff

watch this latest Bollywood entertainer ,its a safer entertainer than

the other hyped up and souped up mega releases these holidays.

While those mega movies do have star appeal,

Oye Lucky ,Lucky Oye shines in simple down to earth appeal.

In Punjabi Oye is a common word,

meaning as an Eh or a hey.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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