New Delhi R Meetup March 2014

We had a nice , small and slightly quirky Meetup this weekend in New Delhi. Apart from the weekend traffic that ensured almost everyone was late, and a cieling that started dripping with water – we were in Cafe Coffee Day,CP it was enjoyable meeting with the mix of people present including students, people moving away from SAS, IT people who are R curious- who mostly form the backbone of R Meetups here in New Delhi

I presented on

1) R basics including R Commander

2) Hadoop basics including Hortworks Sandbox

3) Tableau Public basics for visualization

4) Slides from my talk last week of Cloud Computing

Overall with 239 Users, this is growing to be a critical and large piece in the traditionally outsourcing hub of NCR, India. With thousands of SAS license users and programmers in Gurgaon and Noida, we hope we can make a difference in promoting open source awareness.

Screenshot 2014-03-31 14.54.45

Torch Browser hits 10 million users

Torch is a delightful browser with embedded bit torrents. Even downloading any Youtube video or directly any torrent is now once click away. No wonder it hits 10 million users- and its based on the open source chrome browser. though I would want to know if it is secure enough ūüėČ for the boys from Maryland

Try it out here

Screenshot 2014-03-30 00.26.13

Windows 7 Error : Verify that the file exists and that you can access it

This error basically means that the SYSTEM user is not able to execute the file (a .msi installer) in that folder.

Right Click and Change the Security Settings to add SYSTEM

Step 0

Right Click to go to Folder Properties Screenshot 2014-03-26 00.27.50




Step 1 Navigate to Security per0




Step 2 Add System per1


Packt gives Buy one , get one free offer on 2000th title release

Got a message from Packt Publishing-

Packt Publishing have launched an exciting campaign to coincide with the release of 2000th title. During this offer they¬†are giving all our customers a chance to enjoy our books by giving them a free e-book copy for every purchase –¬†“Buy One, Get One Free”

The campaign began on 18th-Mar-2014 and will continue up until 26th-Mar-2014. Following are the benefits readers can avail during this campaign.

  • ¬†¬†¬† Unlimited purchases during the offer period
  • ¬†¬†¬† Offer is automatically applied at checkout

Interested in free e books , here you go-

Packt Publishing seems an interesting phenomenon in the traditionally slow to change world of book publishing!

Talking on Cloud Computing

I am scheduled to deliver a talk here- . Will post slides once I am done!

1st International Symposium on Big Data and Cloud Computing Challenges(ISBCC-2014)

Mr. Ajay Ohri


Data Analytics using the Cloud – Challenges and Opportunities for India

The availability of the cloud offers unprecedented democratic access to high performance computing. How is India’s Information Technology powerhouse industry willing to exploit the shift in computing from the PC to the tablet/mobile/internet with the cloud replacing servers as thebackend. What are some of the challenges including privacy, legal, regulatory and national in cloud computing. How can we use open source analytics like R with public clouds to drive much more innovation in the Indian economy? The talk will address all this.

INTERNET: Explicit Chinese Censorship versus Implicit USA Spying

Over the past few years , two models of Internet regulation have emerged and there seem to be parallels in Communist versus Capitalistic Ideologies in these two models. Most countries have adopted various shades and degrees of mixture of these models-

1) USA- Partner commercially with Internet distribution and content companies. Offer legal backing through Patriotic Act. Adopt secret courts for some provisions. Reward commercial partners like Google and Facebook

2) China- Offer explicit censorship through a legal framework on what can be taken down, and what can be tolerated. Firewall off non conforming companies, thus creating an ecosystem for domestic countries.

Had more countries like India, Brazil etc followed the Chinese lead of creating firewalls, we would have a more democratic internet rather than one in which a global Internet audience is monetized primarily for American financial and industrial systems.

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