INTERNET: Explicit Chinese Censorship versus Implicit USA Spying

Over the past few years , two models of Internet regulation have emerged and there seem to be parallels in Communist versus Capitalistic Ideologies in these two models. Most countries have adopted various shades and degrees of mixture of these models-

1) USA- Partner commercially with Internet distribution and content companies. Offer legal backing through Patriotic Act. Adopt secret courts for some provisions. Reward commercial partners like Google and Facebook

2) China- Offer explicit censorship through a legal framework on what can be taken down, and what can be tolerated. Firewall off non conforming companies, thus creating an ecosystem for domestic countries.

Had more countries like India, Brazil etc followed the Chinese lead of creating firewalls, we would have a more democratic internet rather than one in which a global Internet audience is monetized primarily for American financial and industrial systems.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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