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As part of the ongoing leadership series of SAS Inc in Las Vegas here is a press release-


SAS supplies super sleuthing powers with new case management solution

The Premier Business Leadership Series, LAS VEGAS  (Oct. 28, 2009)  –  Organizations in areas such as banking, insurance, government and healthcare need to stay one step ahead of criminals and better manage investigations of fraud and other financial crimes. New software from SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, arms investigators with the analytical power to streamline processes and investigations, helping to reduce costs and improve fraud prevention. SAS® Enterprise Case Management is the latest component to the recently announced SAS Fraud Framework.

A 2008 survey by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) revealed that 90 percent of ACFE member companies expect fraud to continue growing, with internal fraud increasing most rapidly. A recent TowerGroup report1 in August 2009 found “case management can contribute a return on investment beyond fraud and risk mitigation by reducing operating costs and even uncovering new business opportunities. Case management offers an effective and automated means to leverage data used in fraud investigation for marketing and proactive customer outreach to improve retention.”

“Leading case management technologies will make it easier to see, aggregate, and integrate operational and other firmwide risks while helping to mitigate the cost and complexity of compliance,” said Rodney Nelsestuen, Senior Research Director at TowerGroup and author of the August 2009 report.

Case management, the backbone of documenting investigations, provides information for financial reporting, such as fraud losses, and is the primary resource for filing regulatory reports to government agencies. In addition, the disposition of cases under investigation is a critical element to enhance future monitoring and overall operational efficiencies of the organization.

Other advantages of SAS Enterprise Case Management include integrating information from siloed monitoring systems used by other lines of business, products, or channels. The system offers a triage queue where users can review work items sent to the system automatically prior to appending to an existing case, creating a new case, or closing the work item. SAS Enterprise Case Management pre-populates forms and automatically prepares batch reports to help the user meet e-filing standards for regulatory submission. The system includes interactive dashboards that enable management to analyze operational performance of investigative functions and recognize trends to provide improved oversight and governance of risk management practices.

Today’s announcement came at The Premier Business Leadership Series event in Las Vegas, a business conference presented by SAS that brings together more than 600 attendees from the public and private sectors to share ideas on critical business issues.

1. TowerGroup. The Evolution of Case Management: Converging Fraud, Risk, and Opportunity Management, Rodney Nelsestuen, August 31, 2009.

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SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions delivered within an integrated framework, SAS helps customers at more than 45,000 sites improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. Since 1976 SAS has been giving customers around the world The Power to Know® .

Webcasts: Oracle Data Mining

How to do Data Mining for free? See these webcasts- unless you are too busy writing cheques for other softwares.

Wednesday, November 4, 12 noon Eastern
BIWA SIG Wednesday TechCast Series – 11th Event!
Oracle Data Mining for Text, Clustering, and Classification: Case Study of the Oracle OpenWorld Recommendation Engine
Mark Hornick –  Oracle Data Mining Development – Oracle

Returning from Oracle OpenWorld 09, some of the hot topics for data mining include text mining, document clustering, and recommendation engines. Learn how Oracle Data Mining was used in the Schedule Builder application at Oracle OpenWorld 2008 and 2009 to generate session recommendations and find similar and related sessions. This session includes a demonstration using the advanced text mining features of the Oracle Data Miner user interface. We also characterize recommendation effectiveness using objective test metrics and summarize recommendation usage.

Mark Hornick is Senior Manager, Data Mining Development, in Oracle’s Server Technology organization.  He has many years experience in data mining and is a leader of the JSR-73 standards body for data mining.  Mark wrote the book  Java Data Mining:  Strategy, Standard and Practice.

Audio Dial-In: 866 682 4770  Audio Meeting ID:  1683901  Audio Meeting Passcode:  334451
Web Conference:
Compatibility Check:  If you have not used Oracle’s web conference system before, please ensure your system    compatibility by going to

Other Wednesday TechCasts Coming Soon (always at noon Eastern time)
– Mark Your Calendars!

  • November 18, 2009 – OBIEE Case Study:  A High Performance Reporting Platform at Gallup
    Swapan Golla and Tom Ruhlman – Analytics and Gallup Net Analytics, Gallup Inc.
  • December 9, 2009 – Best practices for deploying a Data Warehouse on Oracle Database 11g
    Maria Colgan – Oracle Data Warehousing Product Management, Oracle
  • The Cloud OS is finally here or is it?: Karmic Koala


    see screenshot for cloud OS services in latest version of Ubuntu tobe launched in 5 days at

    ( I am using the 9.10 latest beta since I figured 5 days earlier beta should be okay)

    The Cloud OS properties are using browser and are called Ubuntu One

    The browser used is Google Chrome.

    Nice one, stanford dropouts. Really nice!

    Note the line launchpad based services and uses secure id to ensure a connection as well as collect data for analysis as well

    as real estate for possible advertisements.

    Ball in Uncle Billy ‘s court now.

    Note-The icon had some issues with opening more than one session parallely and showed edit preferences. So it could be a Google Joke as well

    Easter Egg with an April variation. LOL

    IBM Completes SPSS acquisition

    Citation- ( Note the signatures at bottom- if they go back from their word you know where to look for a copy of their promises)


    We are pleased to announce that IBM has completed the acquisition of SPSS Inc. As we mark this milestone, we would like to confirm our continued commitment to your success, and to highlight the benefits resulting from this acquisition.

    SPSS will become part of IBM’s Business Analytics and Process Optimization organization. Your current SPSS account and support teams will continue to serve you. SPSS business partners will also continue to serve your needs through consultation, implementation, fulfillment and support, and will be invited to join the IBM Business Partner program.

    For decades, IBM has been focused on providing the underlying information infrastructure to support business intelligence and performance management solutions. This includes databases and data warehouses to manage data, information integration and master data management to establish accurate and trusted information, as well as various analytic capabilities. With the addition of SPSS, IBM intends to further help customers solve new business challenges and meet the demand for more sophisticated, real-time uses of information.

    SPSS provides a comprehensive predictive analytics portfolio that includes data collection, text and data mining, and advanced statistical analysis and predictive solutions, helping customers predict future events and proactively act upon insight to drive better business outcomes.

    IBM intends to support your investments in SPSS by leveraging IBM’s world-class technology resources to deliver innovative solutions and expanded value. Building on a tradition of client success and satisfaction, IBM plans to leverage its extensive global resources to enhance and expand your service and support offerings, both directly and through business partners.

    We’re very excited about the future of this important new relationship, and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative products and services for your business. For more information, please visit IBM online.


    Jack Noonan
    SPSS Inc.

    Deepak Advani
    Vice President, Predictive Analytics
    IBM Business Analytics & Process Optimization

    SAS Data Mining 2009 Las Vegas

    I am going to Las Vegas as a guest of SAS Institute for the Data Mining 2009 Conference. ( Note FCC regulations on bloggers come in effective December but my current policies are in ADVERTISE page unchanged since some months now)

    With the big heavyweight of analytics, SAS Institute showcases events in both the SAS Global Forum and the Data Mining 2009

    conference has a virtual who’s- who of partners there. This includes my friends at Aster Data and Shawn Rogers, Beye Network

    in addition to Anne Milley, Senior Product Director. Anne is a frequent speaker for SAS Institute and has shrug off the beginning of the year NY Times spat with R /Open Source. True to their word they did go ahead and launch the SAS/IML with the interface to R – mindful of GPL as well as open source sentiments.

    . While SPSS does have a data mining product there is considerable discussion on that help list today on what direction IBM will allow the data mining product to evolve.

    Charlie Berger, from Oracle Data Mining , also announced at Oracle World that he is going to launch a GUI based data mining product for free ( or probably Software as a Service Model)- Thanks to Karl Rexer from Rexer Analytics for this tip.

    While this is my first trip to Las Vegas ( a change from cold TN weather), I hope to read new stuff on data mining including sessions on blog and text mining and statistical usage of the same. Data Mining continues to be an enduring passion for me even though I need to get maybe a Divine Miracle for my Phd to get funded on that topic.

    Also I may have some tweets at #M2009 for you and some video interviews/ photos. Ok- Watch this space.

    ps _ We lost to Alabama #2 in the country by two points because 2 punts were blocked by hand which were as close as it gets.

    Next week I hope to watch the South Carolina match in Orange Country.


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