New Year Resolution Presentation

Here is a short clip I made using two softwares-

1) Prezi Desktop

This is an innovative single slide way of creating macromedia presentations. Recommended for offbeat new look presentations.

2) Xvidcap screencapture- For capturing and creating a video based on screen capture. This is the Linux Version of Camtasia- there is only one drawback the default rate is a bit fast- so audio and frame capture settings in a multi frame need to be tweaked.

3) I Phone- For Photography- It’s still the handiest camera around.

(Note- The Collage and Presentation are works of fiction)


and here is a more offbeat version

Using Ipod and Iphone with your Ubuntu Laptop

If you love your  Apple iPhone / iPod, the latest release of Ubuntu from Canonical called Karmic Koala ( the counter part to Microsoft’s Windows 7) is totally compatible for USB connection

If you love your  Apple iPhone / iPod, the latest release of Ubuntu from Canonical called Karmic Koala ( the counter part to Microsoft’s Windows 7) is totally compatible for USB connection.

Ubuntu uses Rhythmbox for playing songs and uses FSpot and Gimp for images. The audio quality is excellent ( even if you are using very old hardware like I do) and Gimp is the best image manipulation software -comparable to ones from Adobe- intuitive and easy.

R , Ubuntu, RCmdr Updates

Some nice updates for R followers-

1) Rather than have an Icon for R – There is a seperate icon for RCmdr in Ubuntu Karmic Koala – Thus the default screen on opening is R Cmdr.

2) REvolution Computing has managed a coup with their bundling of their libraries with the R Distribution in Ubuntu Karmic Koala( see screenshot). We however still are waiting for who gets the credit for that ( Daneese Cooper or the long suffering Mr Smith)



3)Karmic Koala offers 2 GB free space  for storing data in the cloud for every user and 50 GB at 10$ a month. This helps with your storage costs. Data is protected thanks to an oauth login id and machine specific tie-in.

4) RCmdr has a great new plugin for DOE (Design off Experiments) students. DOE is a powerful and under utilized technique especially in Web Analytics. This is promising given that Dr John Fox ( whom we interviewed on this website) has going on ahead and seems clearly to have established RCmdr as the introductory GUI for beginners to R.

(see screenshot 2 below)

5) The Karmic Koala is very easy to install and very intuitive to use- Don’t want to give up your Windows ( well just install a dual boot which takes less than 1 hour on a fast internet connection or 15 minutes if you have a DVD)



6) What are other Statistics softwares doing? If they are not too keen on helping Microsoft get more sales ( especially student OS licenses) why don’t they offer the Ubuntu version free for students ( and besides once and for all put to rest the open source credential controversy)


The Cloud OS is finally here or is it?: Karmic Koala


see screenshot for cloud OS services in latest version of Ubuntu tobe launched in 5 days at

( I am using the 9.10 latest beta since I figured 5 days earlier beta should be okay)

The Cloud OS properties are using browser and are called Ubuntu One

The browser used is Google Chrome.

Nice one, stanford dropouts. Really nice!

Note the line launchpad based services and uses secure id to ensure a connection as well as collect data for analysis as well

as real estate for possible advertisements.

Ball in Uncle Billy ‘s court now.

Note-The icon had some issues with opening more than one session parallely and showed edit preferences. So it could be a Google Joke as well

Easter Egg with an April variation. LOL

Karmic Koala Ubuntu/Linux 9.2 Preview

I am just about testing the Karmic Koala which is due for launch next week. There is significant amount of Browser Based Operating System in it- it seems like a Cloud OS and Firefox have been integrated. See the following screenshots-


Note the ability to send email from the toolbar itself- Also the system speeded up considerably after the upgrade was installed. The striking change was in design and folder structure (it seems that they analyzed the usage data in Canonical to decide what design feature to keep and what not to keep)

Here are more views, and yes the Website just went for an upgrade maintenance to cope with next week’s heavy rush or downloading.

Caveat- this is just the beta version but 5 days before launch beta version generally stay faithful to design changes.

Visit for a better look- I believe dual boot Windows 7 and Koala are supported that helps you with

trying Ubuntu for fun and Windows for your original work.



Karmic Koala versus Windows 7

Windows 7 was launched this week. Karmic Koala ( or Linux Ubuntu 9.10) is being launched next week.

No wonder Microsoft refused to recognize the upgrade revenue in it’s books and is applying conservative accounting for

projecting Windows 7 revenue

( given the Windows Vista failure to launch- 1 failure in about 30 years of successful product launches

Ah Karma

Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloud

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