Ethics and Writing

A particularly prominent technology blogger ( see )has now formalized his status as an investor (which he did even before) while relinquishing his editorial duties (which were not much given the blog’s acquisition by AOL and its own formidable line of writers, each one of whom is quite influential). Without going into either sermon mode (thou shall not have conflict of interests) or adulatory mode (wow he sold the blog for 30 mill and now he gets another 20 mill for his funds)- I shall try and present the case for ethics and ethical lapses while as a writer.

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SAP and BI on Demand

SAP announced BI On Demand or a SaaS product. From the press release here

SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced the SAP® BusinessObjects™ BI OnDemand solution. Targeted at casual BI users currently underserved by products on the market, the solution will deliver a complete BI toolset in one flexible offering. Its ease-of-use also will allow them to be up and running with no prior experience or training. With SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand, business users will be able to access and visually navigate data from any source using SAP® BusinessObjects™ Explorersoftware. Even casual users can then combinethat data in just a few clicks, and follow a guided path that walks them through reporting and analysis. The solution will have scalable pricing models based on business need, allowing companies to easily and cost-effectively scale as required.

Karmic Koala Ubuntu/Linux 9.2 Preview

I am just about testing the Karmic Koala which is due for launch next week. There is significant amount of Browser Based Operating System in it- it seems like a Cloud OS and Firefox have been integrated. See the following screenshots-


Note the ability to send email from the toolbar itself- Also the system speeded up considerably after the upgrade was installed. The striking change was in design and folder structure (it seems that they analyzed the usage data in Canonical to decide what design feature to keep and what not to keep)

Here are more views, and yes the Website just went for an upgrade maintenance to cope with next week’s heavy rush or downloading.

Caveat- this is just the beta version but 5 days before launch beta version generally stay faithful to design changes.

Visit for a better look- I believe dual boot Windows 7 and Koala are supported that helps you with

trying Ubuntu for fun and Windows for your original work.



KNIME 2.0.2 released

From the makers of KNIME

KNIME 2.0.2 has been released and is available for download. This release includes a number of important bug fixes, amongst others addressing some chemical related issues, as well as a few new features. For further details see the detailed changelog.

In addition, a Windows 64bit version has been just released. Both versions, KNIME Desktop (win64) and KNIME SDK (win64), are still in experimental state and are intended to evaluate KNIME under Windows 64bit.

64 bit OS version is BIG milestone, though the launch did have a temporary issue with the R Plug-in being disabled

In KNIME 2.0.2, we have encountered a problem within the R Snippet (Local) node when special characters are used within the R script. Therefore we have temporarily disable the R 2.0.2 plugin from our update site. For a detailed work-around see the FAQ section.

Note KNIME has been covered before here.

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