A project is more than just a Kaggle dataset

a few criteria that define a good data science project

  • Learnability- What did you learn in the Project
  • Capability – What capabilities were showcased in the project
  • Difficulty- How difficult or easy was the project
  • Potential Hireability- How likely are you going to be hired based on that project
  • Ability- What creative approaches did you bring to the solution


A few datasets I liked only from a teaching purpose- iris, Boston, mtcars, Titanic, German Credit and mnist handwriting

A project is more than just a Kaggle dataset. hashtagdatascience hashtagdatasets hashtagkaggle hashtagmachinelearning

Creating Buckets in Pandas using Query

It is quite easy to create buckets based on one column using query. Note you can also use qcut


bucket1 =df.query(‘Column_1 >=0 and Column_1 <0.25’)

bucket2 =df.query(‘Column_1 >=0.25 and Column_1 <0.5’)

bucket3 =df.query(‘Column_1 >=0.5 and Column_1 <0.75’)

bucket4 =df.query(‘Column_1 >=0.75 and Column_1 <=1’)