Captain Marvel the quick review

In a world where the internet is ruled by funny cats the cat is the sole redeeming feature.  Nearly all top actors are wasted in a movie which will make Wonder Woman seem like Casablanca.  Special effects are toonish and the direction is a set back for director. Almost all your money is redeemed in the two after credit scenes. One of which has a 🐱

Teaching Data Science in a world for free content

Sometime back I started a series of articles advocating

  • free and open learning in data science,
  • more practical and hands on practise in the same, as well as
  • the gaps in  current education industry practises.

I now feel the following-

  • content should always be free as an OPTION in a structured learning path,
  • any teaching or mentoring or any time commitment involved from instructor should be paid (because many people cant learn on their own),
  • training institute should have at least a part of fees dependent on jobs created for student and
  • books remain a cheap, effective and under utilized part of the data science training curriculum

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