SAP and BI on Demand

SAP announced BI On Demand or a SaaS product. From the press release here

SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced the SAP® BusinessObjects™ BI OnDemand solution. Targeted at casual BI users currently underserved by products on the market, the solution will deliver a complete BI toolset in one flexible offering. Its ease-of-use also will allow them to be up and running with no prior experience or training. With SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand, business users will be able to access and visually navigate data from any source using SAP® BusinessObjects™ Explorersoftware. Even casual users can then combinethat data in just a few clicks, and follow a guided path that walks them through reporting and analysis. The solution will have scalable pricing models based on business need, allowing companies to easily and cost-effectively scale as required.

SAS News

Been some time since I wrote on SAS. Here are some key 2010 SAS events.

1) Launched Text Analysis officially at Predictive Analytics

SAS Text Analytics reveals new insights in stored documents

Uncovering opportunities and risks in social media, call centre logs, customer surveys

16 February 2010 –  SAS Text Analytics, now shipping from the leader in business analytics, automates the time-consuming process of reading individual documents and manually extracting relevant information. Organizations are in constant need of powerful tools to manage proliferating data from social networks, call centers, customer surveys, claims forms and sales returns. SAS’ award-winning analytics mine, interpret and structure information to reveal patterns, sentiment and relationships to improve decision making.

“Our customers use text analytics for customer intelligence, risk management and fraud management,” said Fiona McNeill, Global Analytics Product Marketing Manager at SAS. “Those involved in enterprise content, Web content, document, records and knowledge management, enterprise search, article research and online marketing measurement can easily access and reuse information with SAS Text Analytics.”

2) Managed MapReduce Integration with partner AsterData

Aster Data Expands Ecosystem for Advanced Analytics on Big Data Via SAS/ACCESS to Aster Data nCluster

Customers to gain richer, faster analytics on big data with SAS/ACCESS

San Carlos, Calif. – February 17, 2010 – Aster Data, a proven leader dedicated to providing the best data processing and data management platform for big data applications, today announced the availability of a SAS/ACCESS® interface engine for Aster Data nCluster, a Data-Application Server which is a highly scalable, massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse and analytics solution for big data. The SAS/ACCESS interface is one element of a broader partnership with SAS which strengthens interoperability by providing direct, native connectivity between SAS and Aster Data’s nCluster that provides SAS users with the ability to leverage Aster Data’s SQL-MapReduce for faster, deeper analytics on big data.

For SAS this is another step to broaden it’s already rich tech portfolio with emerging trends as well existing technologies in the BI world.

3) Announced  a strategic partnership with tech consultant Accenture. Accenture (which used to advertise with Tiger Woods ads) is a leading tech consultant

Accenture and SAS Plan to Jointly Develop, Implement and Manage Next-Generation Predictive Analytics Solutions

17 February 2010 –  Accenture and SAS plan to expand their strategic relationship by jointly developing, implementing and managing next-generation predictive analytics solutions, a first for both companies.

As part of the expansion, the two companies intend to jointly invest in the development of solutions focused on industry-specific predictive analytics applications, starting with the financial services, healthcare and public service sectors; as well as cross-industry solutions in the customer and enterprise management domains. They also plan to begin delivering sophisticated analytical capabilities as a managed service.

In forming the Accenture SAS Analytics Group, the companies intend to bring together Accenture’s extensive industry and functional business knowledge with SAS’s market-leading analytics solutions and capabilities to help companies and government organisations understand and implement predictive analytics solutions. Predictive analytics takes the information made available through standard analytics today and combines it with more sophisticated statistical modeling, forecasting and optimisation techniques to anticipate the impact on business outcomes.

With almost no sign of R and WPS slowing SAS down, with the rapid changes in upgrading its technology and stable base of developers as well as consumers SAS remains poised to remain on top of the analytics world for the reasonable forseeable time frame.

Google News

In the time I last wrote on Google, the biggest text mining algorithm company in the world ( or advertising company, depending on your perspective) has done the following updates-

1) Successfully patented MapReduce but with a wait and watch attitude on monetization especially on Hadoop derivatives. If the West was built and won by intellectual property rights, Google has all the right -legal and moral to enforce its patents on behalf of it’s shareholders, never minding discordant notes by money, err I mean many…… including the notable Curt Monash in his superb piece-

Oracle has long been able to parallelize ala MapReduce. I don’t see anything in the claim that isn’t preceded by what Oracle did, except maybe the emphasis on key/value pairs. (And the same statement applies to the other 15 claims in the patent, at least on a quick skim.) I forget the details of SenSage’s quasi-MapReduce, which also preceded the Google patent filing, but I imagine something similar would be true about it.

There is no doubt that Google popularized the ideas of MapReduce — which turns out to have been a worthy public service. In one great example of that popularization, the seminal paper on parallel data mining is almost laughable in how it deviates from MapReduce key/value pair formalism — but it still seems to have been inspired by Google’s MapReduce. But that’s a different matter; popularization != invention, even though there’s a certain connection between the two in patent law.

2) Launched a Twitter clone called Buzz, revised it for privacy updates but without adding basic functionality like that done by services

3) Bought out Aardvark at

4) Continued the Chinese hacker investigation

Google Cyberattack Linked To Two Chinese Schools

One of the schools has ties to the Chinese military and to a network company with ties to Google’s rival Baidu.

5) No it did NOT launch Google Mox to search within your soul

California, USA. Google announced today that it is launching a new service to help users search deep within their soul. “This would not only maximize the untapped potential of our search technology, but also the untapped potential of the human race”, said Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, in an exclusive interview with Faking News business reporter SK Wimwian.

6) Did propose an experimental fiber network for high speed internet.

7) Did launch the Google Nexus One with apps

All in all a very fast 1.5 months in 2010 for Google- with developments continuing in Google Googles ,Google Chrome extensions and Google Voice- 2010 seems to be Google ‘s year to make or break the cloud OS.l

Geek Humour

Here is a list of some cartoons I find quite popular for no reason in fellow geeks

1) PHD Comics



4) Good Old Dilbert


Calvin and Hobbes

I may have missed a few- but it is notable the appeal of cartoons seems disproprtionate in techie cultures more than normal.

What’s your favourite cartoon or source of humour?

(All individual copyrights acknowledged)

Movie Review: Between the Folds

This is an amazing movie on the art and science of origami, with great insights from people of all backgrounds, especially scientists who devoted a considerable amount of time to create wonderful shapes of art. An Award winning documentary, it looks at the truly amazing things one can do with a piece of paper, from creating wonderful sculptures to even research in proteins interaction and crash test bags.

Recommended for a light 1 hour session when you want to get away and be inspired and have your creative juices unblocked.


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