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My typical day begins at 9 AM with a scrum call. Our methodology of project working is to divide tasks into two week goals or sprints. This is basically the agile development method for software and it is different from CRISP-DM or KDD methodologies.

What do I do on a daily basis? It could be many things – including not just emails and meetings. I could be using Hive to pull data, using it to merge data (or using Impala), I could be using PySpark (Mllib) to make churn models or do k means clustering. I could be pulling data in an excel file to make summaries and I could be making data visualizations. Some days I prototype in R using some machine learning packages. When I code Big Data, I could be using the GUI for Hadoop HUE or I could be using command line programming including batch submitting of code.

Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century

Hacking and Cyberwar

Is cyberwar better than war? is hacking weapon systems and centrifuges better than killing babies

The West faces inevitable demographic decline and would perish in a war of attrition based on conventional norms.

Introducing cyberwarfare as a bogey can also be a proxy to sell cyberweapons to allies?

So many questions and so little time

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