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While India is downloading a lot of R packages, it seems only one Indian (?) has ever gone to a UseR annual conference- the latest being in LA despite India having a huge hub of analytics talent. (and even impressive number of official SAS certifications)

Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.11.04

But seriously just one attendee. With so many downloads and so many R Blogger visits?


Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.11.11 Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.07.09

Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.08.29


The lovely cartograms from the brilliant Rapporter team here

You need to hover to get the data by country

You can see the app here and

Clearly this is not true as many people of Indian origin do contribute to the R program, however the country wide demographics suggest that the R project is clearly a Western (and not a truly global endeavour) . Maybe the R foundation can try moving the conference a bit more Eastern (hemisphere wise)- or maybe the digital divide is just a practical way of the world order.

Unless China creates a fork of R 😉


Talking on Analytics

I will be talking to doctoral and MBA students at IIT Delhi on May 10. The talk is Data Analytics and Cloud Computing and will be there for 2 hours, but will be much more broad ranging than that including touching on HR Analytics and Data Science. If you are local to Delhi around this date- you can contact me in case you want to attend in person.



In this talk we will discuss big data analytics including Hadoop and R, and the emergence of Cloud Computing. The focus will be on introducing fast changing technologies and what it means for enterprises and researchers.  We will also cover data science as potential career paths.




Ajay Ohri is the founder of and author of R for Business Analytics. You can connect with him on


Earlier Talks –


Movie Review – Two States (Bollywood 2014)

As a Punjabi engineer turned IIM MBA, who turns into a writer after marrying a woman from a different state (that’s me here!) , I was a bit apprehensive on how good or bad this movie could be. It was a relief and indeed a joy to watch this movie. The comic timing is light and everyone acts well. Watch Two States as the feel good movie of New BollyWood 2014. Alia Bhatt is lovely, Arjun Kapoor decides to move his acting and facial muscles, and the veteran team of actors fits in the roles very very naturally. A good way to spend a few hours, and be amazed at the amazing diversity of India.

2states-700 (1)

Talking on Analytics #rstats #analytics #bigdata #sas #conferences

This is a post that lists down my talks or conferences on Analytics and will be updated as I keep talking.
It also lists sponsors.


1) Big Data Big Analytics – Workshop on  Statistical Machine Learning and Game Theory  Approaches for Large Scale Data Analysis  9 July 2012 – 14 July 2012  Sponsored by Mathematical Sciences, Division of Science and Engineering  Research Board at Bangalore India
Department of Science & Technology Government of India. (sponsored airfare-hotel accomodation-honorium)

2) Data Analytics using the Cloud- Challenges and Opportunities for India at 1st International Symposium on Big Data and Cloud Computing Challenges(ISBCC-2014) March 27-28, 2014 VIT University, Chennai, India Sponsored by BRNS (flight)

3) Open Source Analytics at OSSCamp 2014




1) First Big Data Conference -New York sponsored by Aster Data (flight-stay)

2) Data Mining 2009 Sponsored by SAS Institute ( flight-stay)


1) Using R in  HR Analytics -HR Tech Europe 2012 also

2) R for Business Analytics- Analytics India Magazine

3) Data Mining Research People Award 2010:  Data Mining Blog

4) Statsjobs – April 2008 


1) Blogger of the Week Social Media Collective

2) Member of the Month (2 times) on Analyticbridge  $250 awarded twice


If you need me to talk on analytics  – drop me a line at and I can talk.




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