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Interviews (of Ajay Ohri)

  1. Big Step Interview July 2015  Expert Interview with Ajay Ohri on the Importance of Big Data
  2. AnalyticsVidhya Feb 2015 Interview with Industry expert – Ajay Ohri, Founder,
  3. AnalyticsIndia Magazine Nov 2012 Interview – Ajay Ohri, Author “R for Business Analytics”
  4. HRTechEurope More R in HR Nov 2012
  5. Data Mining Research Jan 2011 Interview Data Mining Research interview: Ajay Ohri
  6. AnalyticBridge Apr 2008 Interview with Ajay Ohri, Data Mining Consultant from India
  7. KDnuggets Interview
  8. DigitalVidya Interview
  9. Audio Interview Flaw Code


  1. Youtube Video of teaching R online (100000 views)
  2. Video of teaching Python in class
  3. Video of  teaching R in class
  4. Video of  teaching Analytics and Data Science in class
Places where I have created courses 

In Media

A Day in the life of a Data Scientist


App Store for Algorithms

How to be a better Writer


1) Big Data Big Analytics – Workshop on  Statistical Machine Learning and Game Theory  Approaches for Large Scale Data Analysis  9 July 2012 – 14 July 2012  Sponsored by Mathematical Sciences, Division of Science and Engineering  Research Board at Bangalore India
Department of Science & Technology Government of India. (sponsored airfare-hotel accomodation-honorium)

2) Data Analytics using the Cloud- Challenges and Opportunities for India at 1st International Symposium on Big Data and Cloud Computing Challenges(ISBCC-2014) March 27-28, 2014 VIT University, Chennai, India Sponsored by BRNS (flight)

3) Open Source Analytics at OSSCamp 2014

SLIDES- Open source analytics from Ajay Ohri

4) Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics- Delhi Technological University Evolute 2015 : Annual Symposium Speaker

5) Talk on Analytics as a profession at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

6) Data Analytics Summit at Delhi School of Economics


Pre-Placement training workshop for Economics Students, Delhi School of Economics.



Data Science (Byte Academy New York)

Crash Course on Data Science (Part I)

Sunday, Jun 19, 2016, 11:00 AM

Byte Academy
295 Madison Ave Fl 35 New York, NY

55 Members Went

Prerequisites: No prior data science experience is needed but please install the following:1) Download and Install Anaconda from (Alternatives could be Canopy Express from or just the core implementation from 2) Download and Install the Jupyter Not…

Check out this Meetup →


  • How Big Data ,Cloud Computing ,Data Science can help business

Allianz Trivandrum October 9, 2016


  • Tools and techniques for data science

 I.T.S. Engineering College november 15, 2016


  • National seminar on emergence of internet of things (io t) trends and challenges” 

 Institute of Management Studies Ghaziabad

saturday, november 19, 2016

  • Jakarta, Indonesia

Training Bank of Danemon Employees for two weeks Dec 2017


  • IIT Delhi

February 24,2018

MDP lecture on R



Trained Great Lakes School of Management, Gurgaon (4 hours SAS)


1) First Big Data Conference -New York sponsored by Aster Data (flight-stay)

2) Data Mining 2009 Sponsored by SAS Institute ( flight-stay)

3) Judged hackathon in New York



View story at


1) Blogger of the Week Social Media Collective

2) Member of the Month (2 times) on Analyticbridge  $250 awarded twice


  1. Planning to build a career in analytics – SAS learning is important
  2. A Simple Analysis using R
  3. Why every business analyst needs to learn R?
  4. SAS Institute and friends in the business analytics industry
  5. SAS Training
  6. Analytics Training Part 2- What to look for in a business analytics course?
  7. Analytics Training-Part 1
  8. Need for Analytics in a MBA
  9. Career as an independent analytics consultant
  10. Why do some organizations still shy away from analytics?
  11. Executing Analytics Projects
  12. Some Good Code Habits in SAS Language Programming
  13. Finding An Analytics Job
  14. New analytical tools to watch out for
  15. How is analytics critical to business?
  16. Top Learning Resources to mastering the SAS language
  17. 10 tips to accelerate your career in analytics
  18. What is business analytics?

  1. A Career in Internet Marketing
  2. A Career in Marketing Financial Products
  3. A Career in Supply Chain Management
  4. A Career in Marketing Automobiles
  5. Career in Business Consulting, Exciting yet rewarding
  6. A Career in FMCG Sales & Market
  7. A Career in Private Equity & Venture Capital
  8. Make a promising career in Database Mining & Analytics
  9. Summer Internship and Market Research Projects
  10. Choosing a Coaching Institute for MBA Entrance Exams
  11. The Truth about Indian Business Schools

Adaptive Systems Blog

  1. Selecting the Right Software for Data Analytics and Data Integration Sep 2014

2. Predictive Analytics: Moving beyond the buzzword to the action June 2014

  1. Data Integration and Data Cleaning Software
  2. From Napoleon to Tableau: A Brief History of Data Visualization as it evolved  May 14, 2015

5.The Difference Between Econometric Modeling and Machine Learning  April 7, 2015

  1. Microsoft buys itself an analytical Revolution… February 17, 2015

7.An Adaptive Approach for Handling Messy Big Data  August 12, 2014


100 + interviews done in technology (see list at )


  1. Interview John Sall co-founder SAS and JMP
  2. Interview Bradley Jones JMP
  3. Python Tutorial
  4. SAS Tutorial


All Analytics

  1. Downsides Dampen Open-Source Analytics September 2011

IBM BigData

  1. Big Data Initiatives in Developing Nations



  1. Interview: Ingo Mierswa, RapidMiner CEO on “Predaction” and Key Turning Points June 2014

  2. Guide to Data Science Cheat Sheets 2014/05/12

  3. Book Review: Data Just Right 2014/04/03
  4. Exclusive Interview: Richard Socher, founder of etcML, Easy Text Classification Startup 2014/03/31
  5. Trifacta – Tackling Data Wrangling with Automation and Machine Learning 2014/03/17
  6. Paxata automates Data Preparation for Big Data Analytics 2014/03/07
  7. etcML Promises to Make Text Classification Easy  2014/03/05
  8. Wolfram Breakthrough Knowledge-based Programming Language – what it means for Data Science? 2014/03/02
  9. Using Python and R Together Dec 2015
  10. Interview: Florian Douetteau, Dataiku Founder, on Empowering Data ScientistsJuly 2016

Programmable Web

Keen IO Helps Developers Solve Custom Analytics Needs 06-09-2014
Scoreoid Aims to Gamify the World Using APIs 01-27-2014’s Plot to Visualize More Data 01-22-2014
LumenData’s Acquisition of is a Win-Win 01-08-2014
Yactraq API Sees Huge Growth in 2013 01-06-2014 Describes a Better Way to Extract Data 12-20-2013
Exclusive Interview: App Store Analytics API 12-04-2013
APIs Enter 3d Printing Industry 11-29-2013
PW Interview: José Luis Martinez of Textalytics 11-06-2013
PW Interview Simon Chan PredictionIO 11-05-2013
PW Interview: Scott Gimpel Founder and CEO 10-23-2013
PW Interview Brandon Levy, cofounder and CEO of Stitch Labs 10-08-2013
PW Interview: Jolo Balbin Co-Founder Text Teaser 09-18-2013
PW Interview:Bob Bickel CoFounder Redline13 07-29-2013
PW Interview : Brandon Wirtz CTO 07-04-2013
PW Interview: Andy Bartley, CEO 06-04-2013
PW Interview: Francisco J Martin, CEO 05-30-2013
PW Interview: Tal Rotbart Founder- CTO, SpringSense 05-28-2013
PW Interview: Jeh Daruwala CEO Yactraq API, Behavorial Targeting for videos 05-13-2013
PW Interview: Michael Schonfeld of Dwolla API on Innovation Meeting the Payment Web 05-02-2013
PW Interview: Stephen Balaban of Lamda Labs on the Face Recognition API 04-29-2013
PW Interview: Amber Feng, Stripe API, The Payment Web 04-24-2013
PW Interview: Greg Lamp and Austin Ogilvie of Yhat on Shipping Predictive Models via API 04-22-2013
Google Mirror API documentation is open for developers 04-18-2013
PW Interview: Ricky Robinett, API, Ordering Food meets API 04-16-2013
PW Interview: Jacob Perkins, Text Processing API, NLP meets API 04-10-2013
Amazon EC2 On Demand Windows Instances -Prices reduced by 20% 04-08-2013
Amazon S3 API Requests prices slashed by half 04-03-2013
PW Interview: Stuart Battersby, Chatterbox API, Machine Learning meets Social 04-02-2013
PW Interview: Karthik Ram, rOpenSci, Wrapping all science APIs 03-20-2013
Viralheat Human Intent API- To buy or not to buy 03-13-2013
Interview Tammer Kamel CEO and Founder Quandl 03-07-2013
YHatHQ API: Calling Hosted Statistical Models 03-04-2013
Quandl API: A Wikipedia for Numerical Data 02-25-2013
Amazon Redshift API is out of limited preview and available! 02-18-2013
Windows Azure Media Services REST API 02-14-2013
Data Science Toolkit Wraps Many Data Services in One API 02-11-2013
Diving into Codeacademy’s API Lessons 01-31-2013
Google APIs finetuning Cloud Storage JSON API 01-29-2013
Interview Hilary Mason Chief Scientist bitly 01-28-2013
Interview: Viralheat CEO Raj Kadam on API Growth 01-22-2013
Google Compute API – Affordable Computing at Google Scale 01-17-2013
Ergast API Puts Car Racing Fans in the Driver’s Seat 12-05-2012
Springer APIs- Fostering Innovation via API Contests 11-20-2012
Statistically programming the web – Shiny,HttR and RevoDeploy API 11-19-2012
Google Cloud SQL API- Bigger ,Faster and now Free 11-12-2012
A Look at the Web’s Most Popular API -Google Maps API 10-09-2012
Cloud Storage APIs for the next generation Enterprise 09-26-2012 API: Sultan of Musical APIs 09-12-2012
Socrata Data API: Keeping Government Open 08-29-2012
BigML API Gets Bigger 08-22-2012
Bing APIs: the Empire Strikes Back 08-15-2012
Google Cloud SQL: Relational Database on the Cloud 08-13-2012
Google BigQuery API Makes Big Data Analytics Easy 08-07-2012
Your Store in The Cloud -Google Cloud Storage API 08-01-2012
Predict the future with Google Prediction API 07-30-2012
The Romney vs Obama API