Teaching R in India #rstats $323 for 6 week course

I submitted a poster to User2013 that was accepted on Teaching R in India- but I could not attend since I was in Canada visiting family at that time

These were some of the experiences I wanted to talk about- but I think I will elaborate on them later

Anyways- I have been able to design a SECOND R course in Bangalore for Edureka-
What happened to the FIRST course I designed in India. Enough said!

But Edureka were different and they work mostly with open source like teaching Hadoop, Android, Cassandra and R- and they are truly world class in their ways (except video editing and websites and social media blogs )
Edureka has worked much more honestly with both students and instructors. I was also able to convince them of the value of limited open access by giving some slides and videos free .
here is the slides for the first class.

The landing page is at
By pricing a 6 week, 24 hour course using Go2Meeting at just $323 ———-
What we are trying to do is disrupt the market for training in two ways-
1) Give better customization and instructor attention than the MOOCs
2) Avoid  obscenely expensive workshops priced above 900$ per 8 hours etc…. from corporates.
The youtube video has got almost 6338 views and the model works best for developing countries like India for spreading R (though we do have an occasional overseas student ). We are currently updating the quality of the video even more as we collect automated response at end of each 2 hour class.
 All slides  and all videos are made free to download forever to the student.
 Got 323$  to learn R in six weeks? Sign up here  http://www.edureka.in/r-for-analytics

Author: Ajay Ohri


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