Proxmate- Browser plugins for Proxy Surfing to sites closed to certain countries

A neat technical innovation Proxmate is a browser plugin with a Chrome and Firefox version. It allows non US internet citizens to go to US sites , including Google’s Play Store, Spotify, Turntable and others

It is very professionally designed and now being used quite a lot.

Great Work by Dave Mohl at

I wish the same principle could be applied to create a fork of Chromium /Firefox to mash up with the Tor do not track privacy software. Or if a fork is too much work- even a plugin ūüôā


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Amazon AWS Data Pipeline

Ok I missed this one as it came on Dec 20.  I think the AWS data pipeline is a really important step forward for cloud enabled analytics.


What is AWS Data Pipeline?

AWS Data Pipeline is a web service that you can use to automate the movement and transformation of data. Continue reading “Amazon AWS Data Pipeline”

3rd Meeting for New Delhi R users group #rstats

We continued the 3 rd month without a sponsor for the R User Meetup group. I wish analytics companies in Gurgaon and Mumbai or even Hyderabad can help sponsor R users meetups, as we need to have more knowledge sharing culture here.

I am a bit disappointed by people who RSVP yes, but cancel out without letting us know.

Some additional insights-

1) Never hold meetup on cricket match day

2) location should be very close to Metro Station.

3) Saturdays will be the only meetup day for future. If I am unavailable, Dr Amir will be leading the Meetup.

Some more action points-

1) Ajay and Dr Amir to work together on a blog / site called R for Medical Researchers focused on Indian issues.

2) For Web Application developers, please see shiny package. I have written on the latest version of Shiny- but I would also like you to click on each of the 18 links I have written in this article. Shiny is great for statistically enabling web apps.

3) We will be uploading files and creating a slideshare for Delhi R Users. This will be our  digital archive.

4) To start using R immediately use Rattle ( especially if you build models or need to use data mining

5) To start using R for GIS and Spatial use Deducer with Spatial Plot Builder Plugin

6) To integrate R with C++ see the RCPP gallery with almost 100 plus packages dependent on it. This will be needed with Developers who are trying to use a faster version of R by using C++ .

7) Web Analytics using R- is now updated for changes in Google APIs.

8) If you are new to programming or Ruby or Python  please go to .

9) For a beginner in R use

Minutes of Meeting -courtesy Dr Amir

four people (Ajay, myself, Ashish and Nagesh) joined for the 3rd meetup today at around 4 pm at hauz khas village. Ashish and Nagesh are two new members who attended the meetup for the first time. Ashish is in web development with knowledge of python and perl. today he introduced the group about data scraping from web using Perl. Nagesh has a background in management and currently working with insurance company. he is planning to switch to R as it is free. he currently uses SAS. Ajay introduced GUIs like Rattle, Deducer; books (R for business analytics which he himself has authored and others like R for spss and sas users, data mining with r, rattle) and GADM for mapping. I introduced Coursera courses which is currently ongoing and which uses R and also the basics of R like packages, functions and strengths of R.
Ashish has volunteered to find a place for meetup in Green Park near the metro station as we are still struggling to get a decent place for our meetups.
important links: (coursera course which uses R)  (Quick R site for help)

Also – here is the meetup group for New Delhi R Users

Hackers or Criminals

In response to the most excellent writer Nick Bilton of NY Times and his splendid though cautious article here

Please consider these points

  • ¬†jail breaking phones was once illegal , then became legal, and now is questionable again. Rooting your Android tablet is now frowned upon. The question is how do you teach the next generation of hackers to explore hardware and software and yet respect laws in their own self interest. Exploring means pushing the boundaries of what can be done and what can not be done. Inter racial marriage was illegal too, once.
  • what damage have hackers caused to society in past 5 years¬† (lost revenues in Digital content) versus what benefits have they brought about ( Arab Spring catalyst)
  • Consider the past history of hackers who turned entrepreneurs because they didn’t go to jail and were mentored into diverting their energy to startups that created jobs.

No hackers, bam, no Apple, no Microsoft, no Google, and yes no Facebook because the founders would be too busy in a court of law.Probably not much NASA, DARPA or NSA given that almost everyone tests the limits of exploration in young age.

  • Consider the historic legality of protests as done by Gandhi, Martin Luther King , and the legal treatment of hacker activists recently. Civic rights in 60s and cyber rights in the 2010s. Do they have something in common?
  • Is law enforcement adequately trained to understand hacking , and what steps are being done for enhancing cyber law training and jurisprudence. I don’t think the cyber law enforcement is adequately manned with resources. When law enforcement is denied resources, it takes short cuts and questionable tactics including intimidation and making examples of people.

My father , a decorated police officer , always said that , if you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem.As a technical writer , I sometimes know how to solve technical problems but these laws create fear in the minds of future problem solvers.

  • Who is a hacker. Who is a criminal .Is a hacker ~= a criminal or Is a hacker == a criminal ?

Lets get some common sense back in the game before we turn more kids int rebels without a cause, or without a case.

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Google Analytics using #Rstats – Updated

Due to changes in Google APIs my earlier post on using Google Analytics in R is deprecated.  Unfortunately it is still on top 10 results for Google results for Using Google Analytics with R.

That post is here

A more updated R package on Google Analytics and R is here .

A better updated post on an easy to use tutorial on using Google Analytics with R using OAuth 2 playground is here.

  1. Set the Google analytics query parameters for preparing the request URI
  2. Get the access token from Oauth 2.0 Playground
  3. Retrieve and select the Profile
  4. Retrieving GA data

Note it is excellent for learning to use RJSON method as well. You can see the details on the Tatvic blog above.

Hat tip- Vignesh Prajapati



Shiny 0.3 released . New era for #rstats

Message from Winston Cheng of R Studio.


We’ve released Shiny 0.3.0, and it’s available on CRAN now. Glimmer will be updated with the latest version of Shiny some time later today.
To update your installation of Shiny, run:
¬† install.packages(‘shiny’)
Highlights of the new version include:
* Some bugs were fixed in `reactivePrint()` and `reactiveText()`, so that they have slightly different rules for collecting the output. Please be aware that some changes to your apps’ text output is possible. The help pages for these functions explain the behavior.
* New `runGitHub()` function, which can run apps directly from a repository on GitHub
* New `runUrl()` function, which can run apps stored as zip or tar files on a remote web server.
* New `isolate()` function, which allows you to access reactive values (from input) without making the function dependent on them.
* Improved scheduling of evaluation of reactive functions, which should reduce the number of “extra” times a reactive function is called.
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