Shiny 0.3 released . New era for #rstats

Message from Winston Cheng of R Studio.


We’ve released Shiny 0.3.0, and it’s available on CRAN now. Glimmer will be updated with the latest version of Shiny some time later today.
To update your installation of Shiny, run:
Highlights of the new version include:
* Some bugs were fixed in `reactivePrint()` and `reactiveText()`, so that they have slightly different rules for collecting the output. Please be aware that some changes to your apps’ text output is possible. The help pages for these functions explain the behavior.
* New `runGitHub()` function, which can run apps directly from a repository on GitHub
* New `runUrl()` function, which can run apps stored as zip or tar files on a remote web server.
* New `isolate()` function, which allows you to access reactive values (from input) without making the function dependent on them.
* Improved scheduling of evaluation of reactive functions, which should reduce the number of “extra” times a reactive function is called.
For examples illustrating how to use runGitHub() and runUrl(), see:
For a full list of changes, see:
* Reactive functions are now evaluated lazily.

* Add `reactiveValues()`.

* Using `as.list()` to convert a reactivevalues object (like `input`) to a list
  is deprecated. The new function `reactiveValuesToList()` should be used

* Add `isolate()`. This function is used for accessing reactive functions,
  without them invalidating their parent contexts.

* Fix issue #58: bug where reactive functions are not re-run when all items in
  a checkboxGroup are unchecked.

* Fix issue #71, where `reactiveTable()` would return blank if the first
  element of a data frame was NA.

* In `plotOutput`, better validation for CSS units when specifying width and

* `reactivePrint()` no longer displays invisible output.

* `reactiveText()` no longer displays printed output, only the return value
  from a function.

* The `runGitHub()` and `runUrl()` functions have been added, for running
  Shiny apps from GitHub repositories and zip/tar files at remote URLs.

* Fix issue #64, where pressing Enter in a textbox would cause a form to

shiny 0.2.4
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------* `runGist` has been updated to use the new download URLs from* Shiny now uses `CairoPNG()` for output, when the Cairo package is available.
  This provides better-looking output on Linux and Windows.
Note this follows the recent release of Shiny Server
Shiny Server, the software package which will allow you to deploy Shiny applications on your own server:

  • Free and open source (AGPLv3 license)
  • Host multiple applications on the same port, with a different URL path per application
  • Allows Shiny applications to work with Internet Explorer 8 and 9
  • Automatically starts and stops R sessions as needed
  • Detects and recovers from crashed R sessions
  • Designed to serve applications directly to browsers, or be proxied behind another web server like Apache/Nginx
  • Works across network gateways and proxies that don’t support websockets

Some of my favorite Shiny Apps till now ( since they are not putting up a Shiny Gallery 😦 I wish RStudio could find a way to  include apps on Glimmer in gallery or in private by a single check box  . I had to make this list by crawling through the excellent R Blogger site – manually! and then I gave up an just googled for glimmer.rstudio to use this
I also found Shiny works best with chrome especially with the visualization apps
  1. (Financial)
  2. (Models)
  3. (Animation)
  4. with a real time version at
  5. Lorentz Equation
  6. Drinking Games
  7. D3 and Shiny == Super Awesome
  8. Brushable Scatterplot
  9. Shiny with Grid SVG
  10. NHS Site data
  11. Shiny + D3+ Calender Heat
  12. Rolling Corelations (Financial)
  13. Portfolio Accordion (Financial)
  14. R Shiny version of Constraint Relaxation – Prices (Economics?)
  15. Reconstruct Gene Networks
  16. Showreel (financial) Wow example of D3 and Shiny
  17. Shiny + D3 + PDF  
  18. this one is now working – shiny +rgl – its quite awesome!


Overall lots of apps there, and congrats once again to RStudio.  2013 is going to be very interesting to watch for RStudio!

Author: Ajay Ohri

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