My new Page Ajay @Arts

My New Page Arts @Ajay is now online at

and shows some of my left brain ( or was it right brain) activity including three books of poems, 1 cartoon book, 4-5 T Shirt designs, one collage and links to my short video collection on YouTube

ps- I was supposed to blog once a week, but I thought what the … let me make it two times a week.

Automated Content Aggregation

Here is a way to create Content Aggregator-

1) Create a Google Alert for keywords (like say MapReduce and Hadoop)


2) Create a free blog and enable the Auto Post by Email Feature (using manage my blogs in Settings- Reading in Left Bottom Margin). This creates an email with random numbers that can enable you for sending emails and thus auto posting.

3) Create an Email Filter in your Gmail Account to auto forward this to the post by Email Account

Note you can thus create an auto aggregator and pick and choose for creating a Keyword specific or domain specific newsletter. It is all free and takes 15 minutes to set up, and is then automated.

SpiderPic- Better Photos for Marketing Collateral

Here is a new search engine for comparing prices and lots of stock images ( the kind professional photographers use). For Prices as low as $1-3 you can test,evaluate and buy very beautiful images to really zing up your marketing collateral as well as client presentations. Here is an example of querying for the word analysis and the images that come in.

Compare these results with the free results in Google Image Search and you can see that it is definitely worth a dekko given the very low prices that are checked here and the multiple websites that are listed.

Google Image Search (free) for the word Analysis

Spider Pic- Options to buy Images for as low as 1$ for your presentation

The Old Man and the C

At 32, I am probably too old to do this- but I am finally learning C
from here-

Another tutorial from CS at Stanford is also quite good

This is document #101, Essential C, in the Stanford CS Education Library. This and other educational materials are available for free at This article is free to be used, reproduced, excerpted, retransmitted, or sold so long as this notice is clearly reproduced at its beginning.

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