Cloud Computing for Christmas

My second book – R for Cloud Computing : An Approach for Data Scientists is now ready for sale ( ebook). Softcover should be available within a month. Some of you have already booked an online review copy. It has taken me 2 years to write this book, and as always I accept all feedback on how to be a better writer.

I would like to especially thank Hannah Bracken of Springer Publishing for this.

and I dedicate this book to my 7 year son Kush.

Screenshot from 2014-12-10 10:23:45

Everything that is good in me, come from your love, Kush

Running Proc Nice

It has been brought to my attention Through a LinkedIN message) that I have not been playing nice to people who have always been nice to me. I apologize. I am neither pro or anti open source  as of now in 2014, but I do like good software. I like the freedom that developer editions give. Since I dont code in C, Jave , C++ , showing me source code or not is of little use. I also dislike bullshit by some companies that take free code from open source community as an excuse to subsidize their research and development costs, but are selective about sharing both profits and code with the creators. People who create should be respected, and paid. Atleast more than talkative photogenic bloggers. I need to work on my anger management (not with Charlie Sheen). At 37 yrs old I cant afford to piss off people just because I am the cool hacker boy round the block. Regards, Ajay Ohri cc-

R for Business Analytics now in Chinese

Email from Springer to me-


Dear Dr. Ohri,

Springer SBM is pleased to inform you that we have concluded a contract for the Chinese translation of your book:
R for Business Analytics
Edition Number: 1 (2013)
Mr. A Ohri

We trust you are as enthusiastic about this opportunity to distribute your book as we are.

The publisher of the translation is: Xi’an Jiaotong University Press.

The financial conditions we agreed upon are:
A flat fee of EUR XXXX  for 3,000 copies, payable upon conclusion of the agreement but not later than 60 days thereafter. (Please note that this fee is subject to tax deductions of 15.77%, imposed by the licensee’s country.)

Upon receiving the payment, we will ask our accounts department to transfer your shares to you, according to your contract with Springer. The share will then be shown on the next royalty statement you’ll receive.

Upon publication you would receive 4 complimentary copies.

In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With best wishes,


Rights and Permissions


For the book in English- see right margin!

Happy April Lulz Day

Happy April Fools Day

  1. Right now people are breaking promises they told they would keep. This includes politicians, leaders, business men, CEOs , friends and family.
  2. Right now people are working hard to convince you their religion, software, country, way of thinking is good for you, when they know that is not
  3. Right now is a good time to discuss being self fish and self less
  4. Right now evil people are plotting evil things and saying that is good, and good people are doing evil things to stop them thinking that is better
  5. . “Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. Then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn’t enjoy the present: the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived” – Dalai Lama
  6. What if I told you insane was working fifty hours a week in some office for fifty years at the end of which they tell you to piss off; ending up in some retirement village hoping to die before suffering the indignity of trying to make it to the toilet on time? Wouldn’t you consider that to be insane?
  7. Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.

    Sholom Aleichem

  8. You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Abe Lincoln

    9.Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself.

    Charlie Chaplin

    10. Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish





Ajay uses this

Ajay Ohri-

  Writer, Fighter, Blogger,Slogger


Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Ajay Ohri , I’m a  writer.
I write on my own blog on analytics at . I am focused on actionable analytics which helps users.

I am also interested in interface design for statistical software, cloud computing interfaces, unorthodox cryptography , and hacker activism.

I also write books. And poetry.

Recently I have been working in R a lot.

What hardware do you use?

I use a Dell  N5010 ,i5 CPU , with Dual Cores (2.67 Hz) , with 4 gb RAM (and with a Virtual Machine)

I also use a Samsung 10 Galaxy Tab 2 tablet.

For offline data storage -I use an Ipad classic  (80 gb) , Sandisk USB  (16gb) and a Nokia Phone.

This is when I am not on an Azure, Google Compute or AWS.

And what software?

I use Chrome (Version 24.0.1312.52 m) and Firefox (18.0) mostly. But sometimes like Sea Monkey. For Cloud Computing 🙂

Windows 7 Home Edition /(VM Ware Player- Ubuntu 12). Android  4.X works for my tablet.

Google Docs and Libre Office  for Documents . WordPress for Blogging.

Lyx 2.0 for Writing Books ( Latex).

R (2.X) for Coding mostly, though I sometimes play on Codeacademy on learning some JS, CSS.

What would be your dream setup?

A massive cloud computer  >60 gb RAM, <= 8 cores with a very easy to use interface  that I can use from  my Android tablet without getting into developer/ rooting issues.



End of the year /world post

I was writing my end of 2012 post, but someone told me the world is also ending today. So here goes-

1) More than 175,000 views in 2012 meant chugged along nicely this year as well. That makes it 5 years of being a snarky,eccentric,niche analytics blog.  Happy Birthday to you and me.

2) Thanks to people who have sponsored the server costs in the past and currently – AsterData (2009-10), Predictive Analytics Conferences (currently) and Rapid Miner (currently). Please let me know if you want to sponsor your company in a banner ad. It helps with the server and coffee /tea costs a lot, and it keeps the nose slightly up of water. I changed servers from rackspace back to, and discontinued the newsletter services from the service provider because of tech issues.

3) I also managed to get the R for Business Analytics book out. After two years of telling people I am writing a book (like my family, friends, assorted pretty strangers in cafe, my ex-wife’s lawyers)- I managed to write it.

So You cant sponsor an ad . Buy the book. Support

4) Enough self noise. Lets talk analytics.

1) R did well. RStudio became the most happening R startup, hiring Hadley Wickham (Santa R Package) , and further consolidating their grip on the R Developer market (estimated 30 % of 2 million devs use it) and in a fitting launch , gave us Shiny to make R a true web apps platform. SAP Hana and Oracle R entered the R services too. Oh and Revolution Analytics changed the CEO (again) – but David Smith blogs on and on. it is easier to stay President of USA than remain CEO of Revolution Analytics

(He will kill my neck if he catches me with my wisecracks)

2) SAS did well. It stuck to its guns on concentrating on thought leadership in analytics, services and solutions aimed at customers. You cant stay in business in a technology area for 4 decades without developing some iron nerves and patience. Lots of bloggers tell them what to do. They dont just write blogs, they ship code.

3) IBM did well, and became bigger. The Big Data everyone mentions  is actually referring to number of zeroes that IBM spends on acquisitions. Seriously, dude. No – they continued to change their approach by making a complete eco system on this space.

4) Google did hmm okay. Kinda disappointing. Nothing blew up. No one sued them. Fined them. Same old boring Google, same great search engine. Some things didnt change (and shouldnt)

5) Facebook went for an IPO. People got screwed. No wonder some old people get scared of IPOs.

6) Social Media grew bigger. and bigger. Caused some arrests in India. But they remain a good source of Big Text Data that waits for someone to kick marketing ass with. The USA had its four year elections which is a big driver in social media noise for the rest of the Internet /Planet. Nothing changed actually. Same old hope and change stayed the top guy.

7) Anonymous hacked websites. Julian Assange dodged the police. Bradley Manning stayed in Jail. Cyber hactivism grew stronger.  No springs in Arabia. No spring in Africa. The digital divide exists, and human beings still starve as you read this on your tablet computer.

8) I discovered Louis Armstrong and Jazz. This probably doesnt count as a top ten update. But hurrah for writing my own blog.( and yes I wished I discovered Go Down Moses before)

Did you write your own blog in 2012. No? Hmm . There is your New Year Resolution for 2013.

9 )   M121221-154520-0ainstream  media hurts so much is the reason people read poetry and technology blogs

10) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We all need a break. Enjoy yours safely.

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