Running Proc Nice

It has been brought to my attention Through a LinkedIN message) that I have not been playing nice to people who have always been nice to me. I apologize. I am neither pro or anti open source  as of now in 2014, but I do like good software. I like the freedom that developer editions give. Since I dont code in C, Jave , C++ , showing me source code or not is of little use. I also dislike bullshit by some companies that take free code from open source community as an excuse to subsidize their research and development costs, but are selective about sharing both profits and code with the creators. People who create should be respected, and paid. Atleast more than talkative photogenic bloggers. I need to work on my anger management (not with Charlie Sheen). At 37 yrs old I cant afford to piss off people just because I am the cool hacker boy round the block. Regards, Ajay Ohri cc-

Author: Ajay Ohri

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