Writing for Adaptive Systems

I have been advising Adpative Systems Inc for the past few months. You can see their profile at http://adaptivesystemsinc.com/

Basically I am helping with making actionable analytics. It seemed a logical next step after my writing ( more on that later) to test whether my research and opinions work in the real world of consulting as well.

As part of that I have written a few articles and I will be doing software reviews as well

Some of the articles I have written are-

An Adaptive Approach for Handling Messy Big Data

In this article I try and advocate a pragmatic and heterogeneous approach than an dogmatic approach to handle Big Data

Predictive Analytics: Moving beyond the buzzword to the action

In which I discuss analyzing the ROI on analytics software itself or analyzing software analytics itself

Selecting the Right Software for Data Analytics and Data Integration

In which I try and formulate a guide to help you in the brave new world of Big Data brand clutter where every software vendor is claiming to be the best and the fastest.


Author: Ajay Ohri


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