Hackers Paradise on Google webcam snap on ubuntu reviews for Software are so helpful

  • So I ask Google from Alphabet this question


Screenshot from 2015-09-29 21:18:38

  • and I get this site  https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/natty/cheese/

Screenshot from 2015-09-29 21:18:25

  • and the reviews are so helpful and perfect
  • perhaps Google search results that feature reviews should have some T (and T tests)

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Hacking Climate Change -ultimate data challenge

Hacking climate change is more of a data challenge as we try and backtest and forecast our models. Unfortunately the science is hostage to the politics, but sharing data openly, including cutting edge results without worrying on ancient national interests would be the first step in a planet wide effort to save the planet.

Cloud Computing for Christmas

My second book – R for Cloud Computing : An Approach for Data Scientists is now ready for sale ( ebook). Softcover should be available within a month. Some of you have already booked an online review copy. It has taken me 2 years to write this book, and as always I accept all feedback on how to be a better writer.

I would like to especially thank Hannah Bracken of Springer Publishing for this.

and I dedicate this book to my 7 year son Kush.


Screenshot from 2014-12-10 10:23:45

Everything that is good in me, come from your love, Kush

If you can sue the NSA why cant there be a class action lawsuit against Google et al

If the NSA can be sued for collection of data, why cant Google be sued for sharing my data with NSA without my permission.

Any thoughts- anyone who knows Tort law here?

What did the terms and conditions of google’s policy say back then in those good old days of quiet cooperation

What about global liability across different countries (like EU and India)


_ I think there should be a lawsuit to discover more (click the link)

The truth is out there!




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