R , Ubuntu, RCmdr Updates

Some nice updates for R followers-

1) Rather than have an Icon for R – There is a seperate icon for RCmdr in Ubuntu Karmic Koala – Thus the default screen on opening is R Cmdr.

2) REvolution Computing has managed a coup with their bundling of their libraries with the R Distribution in Ubuntu Karmic Koala( see screenshot). We however still are waiting for who gets the credit for that ( Daneese Cooper or the long suffering Mr Smith)



3)Karmic Koala offers 2 GB free space  for storing data in the cloud for every user and 50 GB at 10$ a month. This helps with your storage costs. Data is protected thanks to an oauth login id and machine specific tie-in.

4) RCmdr has a great new plugin for DOE (Design off Experiments) students. DOE is a powerful and under utilized technique especially in Web Analytics. This is promising given that Dr John Fox ( whom we interviewed on this website) has going on ahead and seems clearly to have established RCmdr as the introductory GUI for beginners to R.

(see screenshot 2 below)

5) The Karmic Koala is very easy to install and very intuitive to use- Don’t want to give up your Windows ( well just install a dual boot which takes less than 1 hour on a fast internet connection or 15 minutes if you have a DVD)



6) What are other Statistics softwares doing? If they are not too keen on helping Microsoft get more sales ( especially student OS licenses) why don’t they offer the Ubuntu version free for students ( and besides once and for all put to rest the open source credential controversy)


Author: Ajay Ohri


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