Using VM Player and Chromium OS on a PC

Here is a short presentation tutorial including screenshots I made of using VM Player and playing with Chromium OS. Note- Its like a Machine (light weight linux) with a Chrome Browser. The real computing is when you use Chrome Extensions and/if you have a underpowered legacy PC.

or you can see the file here if the above does not work 15 Clicks to a Cloud OS

Protected: Analyzing SAS Institute-WPS Lawsuit

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Google stuck on Gears

Google has launched support for Droid the mobile operating system but forgot to include support for their own browser- Chromium. Atleast if you can support Windows Explorer and Firefox for Gears, surely you can add support for Gears for Chromium.Maybe with an Ad or two 😉 .Since Al Gore invented the internet and he sits as a consultant for the California boys, maybe he can advise them as well on the anti trust investigations with Apple (cough).

The Cloud OS is finally here or is it?: Karmic Koala


see screenshot for cloud OS services in latest version of Ubuntu tobe launched in 5 days at

( I am using the 9.10 latest beta since I figured 5 days earlier beta should be okay)

The Cloud OS properties are using browser and are called Ubuntu One

The browser used is Google Chrome.

Nice one, stanford dropouts. Really nice!

Note the line launchpad based services and uses secure id to ensure a connection as well as collect data for analysis as well

as real estate for possible advertisements.

Ball in Uncle Billy ‘s court now.

Note-The icon had some issues with opening more than one session parallely and showed edit preferences. So it could be a Google Joke as well

Easter Egg with an April variation. LOL

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