Karmic Koala Ubuntu/Linux 9.2 Preview

I am just about testing the Karmic Koala which is due for launch next week. There is significant amount of Browser Based Operating System in it- it seems like a Cloud OS and Firefox have been integrated. See the following screenshots-


Note the ability to send email from the toolbar itself- Also the system speeded up considerably after the upgrade was installed. The striking change was in design and folder structure (it seems that they analyzed the usage data in Canonical to decide what design feature to keep and what not to keep)

Here are more views, and yes the Website http://www.ubuntu.com just went for an upgrade maintenance to cope with next week’s heavy rush or downloading.

Caveat- this is just the beta version but 5 days before launch beta version generally stay faithful to design changes.

Visit http://www.ubuntu.com for a better look- I believe dual boot Windows 7 and Koala are supported that helps you with

trying Ubuntu for fun and Windows for your original work.



Portrait of a Lady

Thats a screenshot of Daneese Cooper’s Wikepedia page. Danese was fired without severance by the Intel Capital Series B investors at http://www.reolution-computing.com If this is what you get after a lifetime of working in open Source, maybe I should recommend

people get job with Prof Jim Goodnight, Phd who rarely fires people and has managed to steer his company profitably without an IPO or Series Z funding.

On the other hand I kind of admire ladies trying to work in software companies. They are so few. and look up to people like Daneese to say that yes they can make it big too.

Good bye Daneese. May your big heart rest in piece on your blog  http://danesecooper.blogs.com/.


Which software do we use in the office?

Ohri’s Theorem on Decision Management regarding which software do we buy-

1) Assuming no budget constraints

If X be degree of appropriateness of software to a particular use-
where 0 is totally bad and  1 is perfect for use.

Then the probability p of the software be selected = P/ Q where P is total number of users who Know how to Use software (like R) and Q is total number of users who dont know how to use the Software (like Macros or R)

As the number of users begins to increase
P/Q converges to Integral of X dx

Cartoon Citation:


Karmic Koala versus Windows 7

Windows 7 was launched this week. Karmic Koala ( or Linux Ubuntu 9.10) is being launched next week.

No wonder Microsoft refused to recognize the upgrade revenue in it’s books and is applying conservative accounting for

projecting Windows 7 revenue

( given the Windows Vista failure to launch- 1 failure in about 30 years of successful product launches

Ah Karma


Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloud

Poem: The Extroverted Engineer

The Extroverted Engineer

The residuals of my creativity,

are expressed in left brain poetry.

But when it comes to talking tough,

Numbers, above words,  is what I like to love.

The sheer elegance,

of clear concise code.

Compiled Swiftly,Executed flawlessly,

On a digital yellow brick road.

Numbers do not lie, People do.

I would rather Continue reading “Poem: The Extroverted Engineer”

Hey Professor, I am not a Monkey

Hey Professor, I am not a Monkey

The harder I try, the more life slips by,

And the latest disgrace, is to be called a simian in place.

Hey Professor, I work with computers,

and they dont mind what skin I am.

Curious I may be, but it’s easy enough to see,

I may look like a monkey, but human I am.


You may go about introducing me to people galore,

as your pet darling who does all your chore,

But I would rather work, outside your cage,

It is not personal,  I am too old to enrage.

Hey Professor, Guess I am not a Monkey.

You need to find some other, to carry your tea.

And the University  is fine , its good ol Tennessee,

Bigotry and prejudice are the not the places to be.

( Inspired by a Real Life Incident

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