Google: Prediction API and other cool stuff

Google just announced it’s tools Big Query and Prediction API for use with it’s new cloud storage device called Google Storage. With this the computing cycle seems to have come a full circle – from mainframe to desktop/servers to cloud. The Prediction API seems interesting but it, and the other services, are quite clearly dependent on market as well as developer enthusiasm. Me thinks, Google knows a thing or two about Big Data, and this one looks like a revenue positive product from Google ( unless they get REST less and let it languish like other great ideas-like Docs,Wave etc)

Also could be interesting is applications from both R, as well as SAS and SPSS to start using this remote data cloud/server farm 😉

With Storage,Querying and Prediction Analysis- Google is definitely in the Infrastructure as a Service business, but success with these services would be crucial to establish it’s name in the formidably lucrative business analytics and business intelligence fields.

Author: Ajay Ohri

One thought on “Google: Prediction API and other cool stuff”

  1. May I suggest that those who have interest may want to apply for free developer accounts? See the Google Code blog, Jessie Jiang, up to 100GB storage and 30GB free bandwidth for those who qualify. I still haven’t heard back, but then I’m not a very serious developer, more of a practicing statistician type,

    But other readers of DecisionStats may qualify, it is worth giving a try.

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