Poem- El Martini

Cocktail Glass (Martini): The traditional cock...
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About 76,000 times and in 0.18 seconds

my friend, the google, does me inform,

are results for the keywords search poem on martini,

dampens enthusiasm for another poetic tome.

What can I say- that hasnt been said before,

760 thousand times about you and more,

Shaken and Stirred by Mr Bond,

sometimes dirty and mostly dryly spawned.

El Martini is here   to stay,

ladies and gentlemen, your host for the evening today.

Sip the cold, and smooth flavor,

add some olives – or green apples savor.

dont drink too much,

this is art as a drink,

sip martini slowly,

pause and blink.


Purge thoughtful plans today,

schemes and chores for another day.

El Martini strums a mean guitar,

how exotic, this stranger from afar.

still I pause, down two cups for the road,

having started, I need to finish this ode.

El Martini- has finished his song,

Mesmerized we happily clap along,

As he bows, we ask for a last request.

An encore would be terrific, no less.