Getting Worse -Poem

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The lowering of hope with the passing of time

Led to the ineffectual habit of writing rhyme

And once hooked I quickly became stuck

Even poetically I ran out of luck

I wriggled I squiggled I thought really hard

But I hate to admit I am no bard

I guess I have what they call the writer’s block

Where you sit and stare at the passing of the clock

Hoping you catch the muse again by its tail

Ride the surf some more and do not fail

This poem is getting bad I must be getting on your nerve

I am going off on a tangent on the poetic curve


Well I guess I must then stop I am out of words

And throw this limerick out for the birds

Again I apologize for wasting your time

Poets after all are a dozen per dime


But if in spite of that if I gave you some relief

From the daily mundanity and its accompanying grief

Don’t thank me then just thank the muse

I just play with words having nothing to lose.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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