Who made Who in #Rstats

While Bob M, my old mentor and fellow TN man maintains the website http://r4stats.com/ how popular R is across various forums, I am interested in who within R community of 3 million (give or take a few) is contributing more. I am very sure by 2014, we can have a new fork of R called Hadley R, in which all packages would be made by Hadley Wickham and you wont need anything else.

But jokes apart, since I didnt have the time to

1) scrape CRAN for all package authors

2) scrape for lines of code across all packages

3) allocate lines of code (itself a dubious software productivity metric) to various authors of R packages-


1) scraping the entire and 2011’s R help list

2) determine who is the most frequent r question and answer user (ala SAS-L’s annual MVP and rookie of the year awards)

I did the following to atleast who is talking about R across easily scrapable Q and A websites

Stack Overflow still rules over all.

http://stackoverflow.com/tags/r/topusers shows the statistics on who made whom in R on Stack Overflow

All in all, initial ardour seems to have slowed for #Rstats on Stack Overflow ? or is it just summer?

No the answer- credit to Rob J Hyndman is most(?) activity is shifting to Stats Exchange


You could also paste this in Notepad and some graphs on Average Score / Answer or even make a social network graph if you had the time.

Do NOT (Go/Bi) search for Stack Overflow API or web scraping stack overflow- it gives you all the answers on the website but 0 answers on how to scrape these websites.

I have added a new website called Meta Optimize to this list based on Tal G’s interview of Joseph Turian,  at http://www.r-statistics.com/2010/07/statistical-analysis-qa-website-did-stackoverflow-just-lose-it-to-metaoptimize-and-is-it-good-or-bad/


There are only 17 questions tagged R but it seems a lot of views is being generated.

I also decided to add views from Quora since it is Q and A site (and one which I really like)


Again very few questions but lot many followers

Funny Stuff on Google Plus

Here is more funny stuff on my Google Plus stream- you can now add me to a circle using the icon in the right margin.

0) Funny Cats are here to stay

1) So what?

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Best of Google Plus-Week 2-Top 1/0

Stuff I like from week  2 of Google Plus meme- animated GIFS,jokes,nice photos  are just some of them-

Here is week 1 in case you missed it



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Indian Crabs – A story

Taj Mahal, Agra, India.
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I heard the following story /parable as a child. I don’t know who is the author. It may be someone you know like most jokes it is more widespread than the author. If you already have heard it ,let me know it.

There was once a crab competition for all countries in the world.All countries sent their crabs to compete. Then someone noticed that the stall from India had a huge box, but it was open. There was no lid for it to keep the crabs in. So people asked the man standing there  Why is there no lid for these crabs. They may escape and spread here and there. The man replied , These are Indian crabs. They don’t need a lid. They are too busy pulling each other down.They wont escape.

11 Ways to Beat Up Google

10 Ways to Bring Down Google’s Share Price (if you still think it is too high)

Based on the Google Slogan:Do not be Evil.

DISCLAIMER If a member of the SEC, or any regulatory body, or Google employee is reading this..its a work in fiction


1) Anti Privacy Lawsuits- Lets pick 10 blonds. Lawsuits from them saying Google enabled people to find out their contact details, and harass them. Trust me its happened to many of us. It has happened to even Google guys themselves.

Okay, make that 5 Blonds and 5 brunettes.

2) Anti Trust Lawsuits- Thats right. This is what happened to Microsoft in the past decade. While the top management is busy attending dull and expensive meetings with the lawyers, they will have lesser time to think about initiatives like Social Networking API’s. Nothing kills creativity faster than an anti trust lawyer.

2) Free Tibet Lawsuits- Hire someone who is an ex Chinese , ex Tibetan dissident. Encourage them to file a lawsuit against Google, saying its efforts to cooperate with the Chinese authorities led to their arrest.

4) Social Networking Lawsuits- A lawsuit against Google, saying there is very little flirting in the Googleplex. So many geeky engineers discussing code….

5) Affirmative Action Lawsuits- Thats right Google hires too few colored software engineers. look it up …………….its true. A statement from Rev Jackson, and a reluctant statement from Obama would help.


5) Arab nations can be encouraged to boycott Google..

Arabic Rumours like -Eh Abdul, did you know that Google encourages spread of Offensive Danish cartoons…

That means the Middle East suddenly becomes off limits. Thats 20 % of the world market gone……ergo..some impact on stock price.

6) A Boycott Google bonfire

Did we mention that the Company is now buying jets ….and the carbon footprint of it’s ever expanding data centers which have multiple levels of redundancy. The fact is Google data servers consume steady amounts of huge energy.

To enroll bi partisan conservative support, did we mention Al Gore, the Nobel Prize Winner , is a strategic adviser to Google.

An anti global warming protest against a company advised by Al Gore should be fun.


7) Google earns money through advertisers.

Lets start a click the link satyagraha . Click all Adsense given ads at all websites  .

In the next Quarter Google revenue will suddenly go up.

In the Quarter after that , Google will be busy issuing refund checks to advertisers for this click fraud…. Earnings will contract..and Wall Street will react to shrinking earnings by shrinking the stock price.

Wall Street still has some grudges from the missed opportunities in the Google IPO and fees…..

8. )

Start a movement for giving revenue share not based on clicks but based on actual purchases. It will take them some time to come up with an answer to this.


9) Help create a better search engine.This is very tough. Thats why its at number 9.

10) Google-is-not-so-cool now. Nothing remains cool forever . Remember when Steve Jobs was cool.Now his fake blog gets more readers.

Google-is-not-so-cool movement

a) helps slow down the Geek hiring machine,Microsoft has been poached more than wild salmon by Google.Ironic considering Google was founded partly in the Paul Allen building in Stanford.

b) This  forces the Google boys to spice up their services starting from the DULL home page. Maybe they will have a separate section for paid searches for business research users.

so these are ten initial thoughts to bring down the share price of Goggle.

Uncle Ben (Bernanke) is doing a good job to bring down the share prices of the rest of the companies.

11 th thought

If Microsoft gives away the  Windows XP (but not Vista ) for free,  and instead places two ads on each desktop in the world run by it., as an option particularly for retail consumers. It will corner all the market for online AND offline new media marketing.
Conflict of Interest Disclaimer

The author used Microsoft Operating system while writing this article. The browser was Firefox though.

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