Funny Stuff on Google Plus

Here is more funny stuff on my Google Plus stream- you can now add me to a circle using the icon in the right margin.

0) Funny Cats are here to stay

1) So what?

Marcelo Almeida's profile photoMarcelo Almeida shares amazing pictures on G+ !

2) Google Plus gets into the verified celebrity to help us get ahead in social media sweepstakes game!

Megan Fox's profile photoMegan Fox

✓ Verified – Megan Fox’s Official Google+ Profile.

(incidentally we both owe some affiliation to good old TN)

3) Not so funny but still quite cool animals

4) More Google MeMes

UK Riots effect on

5) Cartoons -yeah!

6) Spreading messages

ai wei wei is back and on G+
Massive Corruption Protests in India

7) Social Media Expertism-

Google Plus is much better visually designed medium for spreading links in the friend stream

Stumble Upon digs traffic while Digg stumbles.

According to StatCounter’s measurements, StumbleUpon has just surpassed Facebook and now delivers more than half of all social media referral traffic in the U.S. StumbleUpon founder and CEO Garrett Ca…

8) Hint- You cant do this on Facebook friend stream , Zuky!


9) This looks familiar- angry or sad birds?

10) But Apple jokes are still funniest- with around 368 shares for this one post by me

Ajay Ohri's profile photo

Ajay Ohri  –  Jul 26, 2011  –  Public
an update
  –  Comment

The toon was made by the ninjas  Christiann MacAuley at

Random tech musing- Apparently there is +1 icon for SEO but no Icon for sharing content straight to Google Plus. Two much plus or too little plus? 😉 You have to manually copy and paste the link- hope someone makes a cute widget company like Tweetmeme did for Twitter before the Twitter guys took it away and brought it in-house. Also creative artists (leave alone businesses ) can create separate plus accounts for their art – but I guess that is changing shortly 





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