Best of Google Plus-Week 2-Top 1/0

Stuff I like from week  2 of Google Plus meme- animated GIFS,jokes,nice photos  are just some of them-

Here is week 1 in case you missed it



1) Facebook versus Google Plus Jokes continue to be a top theme





2) The truth about social media experts

3) Cute animals continue to be significant variables with high P value in Viral Posts

4) Someecards continues to rock


5) How to do Google Plus circles (low font- sorry)

6) Forecasting social media (low font- sorry)


7) Fish and not so cute animals

8) US Dollars


9) Again animated GIFs continue to rock G +     you cant do that in Twitter OR Facebook


10) Angry Birds- Check out the game at


Angry G’s


Special Mentions- Adorable photo sharing is yet to take Off on Google plus but it shows early promise.

The Amazing photos by Prabh grewal's profile photoPrabh grewal

other random pics by rest of Plussers (?) –


Happy Birthday Captain Jean.


Shrimp Curry-



The first earnings call shared on social media-

By Larry Page's profile photo Larry Page

First we launched Google+ to field trial invitation only

Our goal with Google+ is to make sharing on the web like sharing in real life, as well as to improve the overall Google experience
Circles let you choose with precision who you are sharing with. Not surprisingly this has been very well received, because in real life, we share different things with different people.
Hangouts allow for serendipitous interactions. Like in real life when you run into a few friends. It gives you seamless and fun multi user video and it’s really amazing!

Last quarter, we launched the +1 button in search results and ads–enabling users to recommend stuff they liked, and have those recommendations show up in the search results of people they know

This quarter, we released +1 buttons to the entire web, and many sites like Huffington Post, the Washington Post and Best Buy have added +1 buttons

Google+ is still only in field trial with limited access as we scale the system
Users have to be invited, sign up with a profile in order to use it

However, the growth on Google+ has been great–and I’m excited to release some new metrics for you today
Over 10M people have joined Google+
Great achievement for the team

There’s also a ton of activity
We are seeing over 1 billion items shared and received in a single day

Our +1 button is already all over the web
It’s being served 2.3 billion times a day


The real reason social media exists- kill time


All content was as shared in my Google Plus Stream by other people- all content creators trademarks are respectively acknowledged and this is a fair use post only

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