Making your website cool

Some notes and thoughts on Websites ( which may be back in fashion once the social media bubble bubble  burps, I mean bursts)

0) Write Great Content. Do not write in haste. Do not revise in haste. Publish and share url only at a time when you think it will lead to views.

1) Design-Benchmarking Beauty

Bad Artists borrow, Great Artists Steal-

quote attributed to Pablo Picasso/ Steve Jobs

  1. Take the top 5 websites that you think are close rivals to your mighty website.
  2. Pick one design feature that is GOOD and they have and your website doesnt. Copy the design idea -(is the background, is it the font, is it the picture, is it video, is it page structure)
  3. Pick 3 design features in each website that are bad AND your website has the same feature of ugliness. Eliminate that feature from your website
  4. Redo
2) Search Engine- Keep the Title hashable.
A good title is the title of a successful book. 
Robert C. Gallagher 
Forget the meta tags, and the tags and everything the gurus say about SEO .
  1. Your title of the post/page should ideally be the search result of a keyword or a question.
  2. Think – What kind of question will lead to this title.
  3. Can I tweak the words to have better keywords.
  4. Hint- Better Keywords have more ads on Google.
3) Laziness-in tagging leads to bad search
So you wrote a 400 word post. Great.
Now go and write the 15 words in meta tags and post tags .
Use SEO plugins if possible. (I use Platinum SEO- a WordPress Plugin)
4) Share generously of other people’s content, so they will retweet your links, like your links, +1 your url.
Do not spam.
Do please share.
5) Analytics-
If you can’t measure it,you can’t manage it”.-
Peter Drucker
Keep your traffic as a clue for what is working (posts on Google Plus and R) and what is not working ( Pictures and Poems for example)
Redo.Also see geography of visitors and mobile usage, and bounce rates. Making content sticky is the key to driving up the pages per visitor number.
6) If you did all of this- buy an ad on social and search networks to kickstart the initial traffic.
Measure the ROI.
Redo across diff channels.

Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “Making your website cool”

  1. Doesn’t this post violate its own point 0 – write great content? It’s a shallow, content free and perfunctory piece of writing designed purely to keep your posting frequency up.

    1. well it is a brief piece- but you do have a point. Maybe I should write in greater depth to elaborate and cut down on frequency.

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