Visual Guides to CRISP-DM ,KDD and SEMMA

UPDATED- Here are three great examples of a visualization making a process easy to understand. Please click on the images to read them clearly.

1) It visualizes CRISP-DM and is made by Nicole Leaper (


2) KDD -Knowledge Discovery in Databases -visualization by Fayyad whom I have interviewed here at

and work By Gregory Piatetsky Shapiro interviewed by this website here


3) I am also attaching a visual representation of SEMMA from



Congrats to Matt Stromberg- Winner 2 free passes to PAW New York

Here is a big congrats to Matt Stromberg of San Diego for winning 2 free passes to Predictive Analytics World. Each pass can be used for 2 days of the conference, and it is exclusive to that conference alone.

Connect to Matt ? or

A coincidence- its his birthday today. Happy Birthday Matt and enjoy NY and PAW Con

WINNER- Matt Stromberg

Mgr., Project Management & Business Analytics

Greater San Diego Area 


Project Management Certification (PMP)

Some resources for getting the PMP certification (based on a Linkedin Question)- This is a useful not too expensive and not very very tough certification for professionals who manage projects (and don’t we all !)

Online Websites-


The main website –


Some white papers –

An additional book-

The main book – PMBOK

The detailed answers on the Linkedin site are much more helpful- Try it.

Project Management Tools:Alternatives to MS Project

Some popular and free project management tools are –

1) Trac –

2) Dotproject

3) OpenProj –

4) DreamTeam –

5) Bugzilla –

6) Liquid Planner –

7) Basecamp

8) Rally Software

9) Gantt Charts in Google Apps

10) Some more alternatives from another good blog (

11) Assembla

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