Visual Guides to CRISP-DM ,KDD and SEMMA

UPDATED- Here are three great examples of a visualization making a process easy to understand. Please click on the images to read them clearly.

1) It visualizes CRISP-DM and is made by Nicole Leaper (


2) KDD -Knowledge Discovery in Databases -visualization by Fayyad whom I have interviewed here at

and work By Gregory Piatetsky Shapiro interviewed by this website here


3) I am also attaching a visual representation of SEMMA from



Author: Ajay Ohri

3 thoughts on “Visual Guides to CRISP-DM ,KDD and SEMMA”

  1. Reblogged this on bsbrug <- and commented:
    CRISP-DM ajuda a materializar e dar uma metodologia aos trabalhos de Data Analise com foco em resultados. Análises Exploratórias podem ser uma pouco mais livres a depender do contexto.

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