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I always liked Citrix products when I was a member of the Technical Advisory Board at the University of Tennessee. I especially liked enabling SAS software , R software, Matlab software , ONLY from a browser.

Data Mining through cloud computing, yes University of Tennessee’s analytics server was way ahead in 2009- all these softwares at one portal no software needed on your own PC, simply upload data and work on any analytics software.

Here is a nice citrix webinar on managing Time (so you can read more webinars! nah. I think Youtube live streaming events with interactive question and answers is the way of the future while webinars are for Baby Boomers- you can do a test and control experiment yourself if you are in the webinar business. its a web2.oinar)

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Interruptions are productivity killers – between email, phone calls and back-to-back meetings, how do you find time to work on your top priorities?

Join top time-management guru Kent Curtis and learn how to stop “living in your inbox” and start prioritising tasks, messages and appointments according to what is most important.

This webinar takes the best principles from FranklinCovey’s world-class productivity training and teaches you how to apply them while using Microsoft Outlook as your scheduling tool.

Attend this interactive, one-hour webinar to:

Stay focused every day with a reliable planning system utilising Microsoft Outlook.
Control competing demands such as email, voice mail, meetings and interruptions.
Apply a planning process that gets better business results.
Reduce stress by eliminating low priority activities and distractions.
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H.R. Shiever | Managing Director – Asia Pacific

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Live Webinar


The New Time Management: Stay Focused Every Day with Reliable Planning


Thursday, 26 May

12 Noon Australian EST
10 AM Singapore SGT
7.30 AM India ST
Kent Curtis, Senior Consultant, FranklinCovey

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Aster Data Webinar on Analytics /Mapreduce

Covers the following usual suspects-

  • Time-series analysis – Applied to price optimization and fraud detection
  • Graph analysis – Applied to social networks and physical networks (IT/Telco/Cable)
  • Behavioral analysis – Applied to clickstream behavior and market basket analys

For more click here-

SAP gets social media with micro-apps webinars

A commendable re design by SAP in it’s social media especially social media through Videos and Webinars

I especially like the cute graphics which sum up the Social Media presence for SAP- like their own personalized Twitter Buttons. see screenshots below

Open Source Webinar with AsterData

Learn how to make money from open source databases, some business intelligence and more business analytics in this webinare at here.

FCC Disclaimer ( even though it is one day before the rules for Bloggers come in effect)-

AsterData is an advertiser on this blog. See the ad on right.

MapReduce was released by Google in 2004 as how to do big data crunching faster.

Google is not an advertiser nor partner on this site. They are busy with mobile phones and advertising (like the TV series Mad Men.)

And yes, Sergey Brin needs to finish his  Phd too.

Cloud Nine

I got a note saying my entry below has been accepted for the Cloud Slam 09 Webinar

If you want to hear me speak on Cloud Computing, please mark your calendars for April 21.

Here is the Link to April 21 Webinar-




The cloud computing paradigm offers unparalleled access to computing resources both in terms of storage as well as processing power for developing countries.The use of predictive analytics and data mining has been hitherto restricted to an elite set of universities and organizations willing to invest tens of thousands in annual license 
fees to software companies like SAS ,SPSS,Oracle and SAP and even more in terms of network and server hardware costs to companies like HP,Dell and IBM.

Every two or three years, the hardware needed to be upgraded , thus putting total cost of ownership of predictive analytics, data driven decision making and resource planning well out of reach of a major part of the planet’s population.Copyright infringements and intellectual property violations further helped create a divide between advanced computing and those who needed it the most.

Now thanks to open source softwares, softwares as a service and cloud hosted processing , even a relatively non funded Indian or Asian or African university ,government office as well as small and medium enterprise can avail the advanced cost savings due to predictive analytics. This in turn will lead to a new era of resource optimized decision making, one which benefits all companies that offer the flexibility of cloud hosted applications to hitherto closed markets.

Which reminds me I have to prepare the presentation as well.I will post the slides and full article here on this blog too.

Speaking of Webinars, here is one which I am helping which tries to showcase technological methods including CRM and BI to help manage cost challenges and marketing ops in the recession. Its on 11 a.m. EST April 16, 2009

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