Cloud Nine

I got a note saying my entry below has been accepted for the Cloud Slam 09 Webinar

If you want to hear me speak on Cloud Computing, please mark your calendars for April 21.

Here is the Link to April 21 Webinar-




The cloud computing paradigm offers unparalleled access to computing resources both in terms of storage as well as processing power for developing countries.The use of predictive analytics and data mining has been hitherto restricted to an elite set of universities and organizations willing to invest tens of thousands in annual license 
fees to software companies like SAS ,SPSS,Oracle and SAP and even more in terms of network and server hardware costs to companies like HP,Dell and IBM.

Every two or three years, the hardware needed to be upgraded , thus putting total cost of ownership of predictive analytics, data driven decision making and resource planning well out of reach of a major part of the planet’s population.Copyright infringements and intellectual property violations further helped create a divide between advanced computing and those who needed it the most.

Now thanks to open source softwares, softwares as a service and cloud hosted processing , even a relatively non funded Indian or Asian or African university ,government office as well as small and medium enterprise can avail the advanced cost savings due to predictive analytics. This in turn will lead to a new era of resource optimized decision making, one which benefits all companies that offer the flexibility of cloud hosted applications to hitherto closed markets.

Which reminds me I have to prepare the presentation as well.I will post the slides and full article here on this blog too.

Speaking of Webinars, here is one which I am helping which tries to showcase technological methods including CRM and BI to help manage cost challenges and marketing ops in the recession. Its on 11 a.m. EST April 16, 2009

Author: Ajay Ohri

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