SAP gets social media with micro-apps webinars

A commendable re design by SAP in it’s social media especially social media through Videos and Webinars

I especially like the cute graphics which sum up the Social Media presence for SAP- like their own personalized Twitter Buttons. see screenshots below

SAS with the GUI Enterprise Guide (Updated)

Here is a slideshow I made using Google Docs ( which is good except the PDF version is much worse than Microsoft Slidehare). It is on the latest R GUI called AwkWard. It is based on the webpage here

In my last post on WPS , R and Sas I had briefly shown a screenshot of SAS Enterprise Guide with a single comment on how it could do with a upgrade in it’s GUI. Well it seems that the upgrade has been available since March 2009, but probably not applied since no one noticed even once in the Fall Semester here in the Tennessee ( including people from the University who read this blog 🙂 Actually the upgrade was made to local machines but there is also a cloud version but didnt apply the upgrade – where we can use Citrix Server to just run analytics on the browser

Here is a revised update of SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2

SAS Enterprise Guide is a Windows interface to SAS that allows for SAS programming *and* point-and-click tasks for reporting, graphs, analytics, and data filter/query/manipulation. SAS Enterprise Guide can work with SAS on your local machine, and it can connect to SAS servers on Windows, Unix/Linux, and the mainframe.

It doesn’t have decision tree support; that’s provided by a more specialized application for data mining called SAS Enterprise Miner.

And you can easily extend SAS Enterprise Guide with your own tasks. See You do not need SAS/Toolkit. You can use off-the-shelf development tools for Microsoft .NET, including the freely available express editions of Microsoft Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET.

With credit to Chris from SAS for forwarding me the correct document and answers.

It would be great if the SAS User Conferences Archives used slideshare or Google Docs ( PDFs are so from the 90s) for saying displaying the documents at the ( which took the twitter id @sascommunity after two months of requests,threats and friendly pleas from me- only to not use it actively except for one Tip of the Day Tweet, sigh)

Google Patents

Now this may be old news, but in case it is not- here is the Google Patents Search


Just go and search at

For example did you know that the PageRank Patent is assigned to Stanford ( which is the reason they have more money than err. many Universities combined…not a great football program though)

Or you can see the version ( which is Ironic since Google Docs is not good enough to share the Pdf as of yet)

Inventor: Lawrence Page
Assignee: The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University
Primary Examiner: Uyen Le

Page Rank Patent of Google

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. Hic

So the next time you have a bright idea on Sunday afternoon after some beers, check and see if you are the first one to think of it

MS Smacks Google Docs with Slideshare

Our favorite drop outs from the Phd Program just learned that they should not moon the giant. The company founded in Paul Allen building at Stanford, also known as Gogol /Google announced they would create a Cloud OS with much fan fare. Only to find their own cloud prodocutivity offering Google Docs bested by Slideshare.

Now you can import your Gmail attachments Google docs into slideshare, for much better professional sharing within your office.

Here is an embedded SlideShare ppt called Google Hacks, note the much better visual appeal in this vis a vis your Google Docs.

Well as for the Stanford dropouts this is what happens when you dont complete your Phd education.


As per Cloud Computing and Office productivity goes,

Harvard Dropouts (Microsoft) 1- Stanford Dropouts ( Google) 0

Unless Google creates a cloud version of Open Office- but who needs that anyway?

who needs search- just ctrl F

Google Hacks

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Disclaimer- The author uses Google Docs extensively. If you are from Google. Please do not block his Gmail id , guys.
Academic Disclaimer-The author intends to complete his Phd. these are his personal views only.
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