Friday OT: Eclectic

Eclectic the person said, across the ocean to me.

I did not know what the word meant,

I opened my dictionary.


I do good interviews, bad cartoons and mediocre poetry,

I blog and slog, making productive my eccentricities.


I love cloud computing, and with my head is in the clouds,

I try some coding too.

I dont get paid for that all,

Open source has money few.


Beating the recession, with the roller coaster ups and down,

Enjoying Indian elections, with a shoe throwing hack,

I focus on R code and cloud computing slams

But daily demands force me back


And if you ever feel overwhelmed,

with the boring drudgery and daily flim flam,

read some poetry from here

or there


Less expensive than a glass of wine,

Just as relaxing, works faster at times,

either moves you to tears or to sleep,

Irreverent and blasť, these eclectic rhymes.


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