2 thoughts on “How Jesus saved my Butt”

  1. no I split again. Even Jesus justified divorce in one circumstance. The son, someday when he grows up would read this and be intelligent enough to piece what happened
    I think God is great, but I am still sceptical of religion. Yes, it is tougher to pray alone than in community, but you are also spared the bullshit that comes from organized religion.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Ajay. I was also saved from a life of loneliness and depression by reading the Bible and beginning a relationship with Jesus.

    I would encourage you to reconsider your position on church. Churches are just congregations of fellow Christians. I would say groups that spend most of their time preaching hate may not be the real church. Steer clear of them. But, living as a Christian is much better in community than alone. Good to hear the story of a brother across the world. Praying for reconciliation with your family.

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