Top ten RRReasons R is bad for you ?

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R stands for programming language based out of

R is bad for you because –

1) It is slower with bigger datasets than SPSS language and SAS language .If you use bigger datasets, then you should either consider more hardware , or try and wait for some of the ODBC connect packages.

2) It needs more time to learn than SAS language .Much more time to learn how to do much more.

3) R programmers are lesser paid than SAS programmers.They prefer it that way.It equates the satisfaction of creating a package in development with a world wide community with the satisfaction of using a package and earning much more money per hour.

4) It forces you to learn the exact details of what you are doing due to its object oriented structure. Thus you either get no answer or get an exact answer. Your customer pays you by the hour not by the correct answers.

5) You can not push a couple of buttons or refer to a list of top ten most commonly used commands to finish the project.

6) It is free. And open for all. It is socialism expressed in code. Some of the packages are built by university professors. It is free.Free is bad. Who pays for the mortgage of the software programmers if all softwares were free ? Who pays for the Friday picnics. Who pays for the Good Night cruises?

7) It is free. Your organization will not commend you for saving them money- they will question why you did not recommend this before. And why did you approve all those packages that expire in 2011.R is fReeeeee. Customers feel good while spending money.The more software budgets you approve the more your salary is. R thReatens all that.

8) It is impossible to install a package you do not need or want. There is no one calling you on the phone to consider one more package or solution. R can make you lonely.

9) R uses mostly Command line. Command line is from the Seventies. Or the Eighties. The GUI’s RCmdr and Rattle are there but still…..

10) R forces you to learn new stuff by the month. You prefer to only earn by the month. Till the day your job got offshored…

Written by a R user in English language

( which fortunately was not copyrighted otherwise we would be paying Britain for each word)

Ajay- The above post was reprinted by personal request. It was written on Jan 2009- and may not be truly valid now. It is meant to be taken in good humor-not so seriously.

Author: Ajay Ohri

6 thoughts on “Top ten RRReasons R is bad for you ?”

  1. I think you mean “anarchy”, not “socialism”. It would be socialist if all R programmers worked for the state.

    1. yes. but socialism sounds cooler 🙂

      it is a satirical piece anyways which I wrote two years ago.
      Some changes till today-

      1) R can be used for bigger datasets using RevoScaler, or more RAM, or big lm packages, or cloud computing or parallel programming using foreach and snow.
      2) SAS language products (Base SAS, SAS /IML, WPS and even JMP) can now be used to program R. So can Rapid Miner, and Oracle Data Mining, and KNIME, and SPSS.
      3) R GUIs are much more advanced to the point you can do 90% of routine corporate business analytics using clicks not code.

      Yup, thats all the Ten Reasons why someone dont want to learn or use R.

  2. Personally, free is wonderful for me.

    I am a PhD student, and do all my analysis in R. Yes, it took more time to learn, but at least my data doesn’t become locked every July when the code runs out.

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