Event: Predictive analytics with R, PMML and ADAPA

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The September meeting is at the Oracle campus. (This is next door to the Oracle towers, so there is plenty of free parking.) The featured talk is from Alex Guazzelli (Vice President – Analytics, Zementis Inc.) who will talk about “Predictive analytics with R, PMML and ADAPA”.

* 6:15 – 7:00 Networking and Pizza (with thanks to Revolution Analytics)
* 7:00 – 8:00 Talk: Predictive analytics with R, PMML and ADAPA
* 8:00 – 8:30 General discussion

Talk overview:

The rule in the past was that whenever a model was built in a particular development environment, it remained in that environment forever, unless it was manually recoded to work somewhere else. This rule has been shattered with the advent of PMML (Predictive Modeling Markup Language). By providing a uniform standard to represent predictive models, PMML allows for the exchange of predictive solutions between different applications and various vendors.

Once exported as PMML files, models are readily available for deployment into an execution engine for scoring or classification. ADAPA is one example of such an engine. It takes in models expressed in PMML and transforms them into web-services. Models can be executed either remotely by using web-services calls, or via a web console. Users can also use an Excel add-in to score data from inside Excel using models built in R.

R models have been exported into PMML and uploaded in ADAPA for many different purposes. Use cases where clients have used the flexibility of R to develop and the PMML standard combined with ADAPA to deploy range from financial applications (e.g., risk, compliance, fraud) to energy applications for the smart grid. The ability to easily transition solutions developed in R to the operational IT production environment helps eliminate the traditional limitations of R, e.g. performance for high volume or real-time transactional systems and memory constraints associated with large data sets.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Alex Guazzelli has co-authored the first book on PMML, the Predictive Model Markup Language which is the de facto standard used to represent predictive models. The book, entitled PMML in Action: Unleashing the Power of Open Standards for Data Mining and Predictive Analytics, is available on Amazon.com. As the Vice President of Analytics at Zementis, Inc., Dr. Guazzelli is responsible for developing core technology and analytical solutions under ADAPA, a PMML-based predictive decisioning platform that combines predictive analytics and business rules. ADAPA is the first system of its kind to be offered as a service on the cloud.
Prior to joining Zementis, Dr. Guazzelli was involved in not only building but also deploying predictive solutions for large financial and telecommunication institutions around the globe. In academia, Dr. Guazzelli worked with data mining, neural networks, expert systems and brain theory. His work in brain theory and computational neuroscience has appeared in many peer reviewed publications. At Zementis, Dr. Guazzelli and his team have been involved in a myriad of modeling projects for financial, health-care, gaming, chemical, and manufacturing industries.

Dr. Guazzelli holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California and a M.S and B.S. in Computer Science from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Rapid Miner- R Extension

Here is a new video which shows exactly how you can use Rapid Miner and R together. Advantages of using both together is using Rapid Miner’s GUI (including the flowchart style for data mning) and adding R statistical functionality to it.

From http://rapid-i.com/content/view/219/1/

The web site features a video showing how easy R models and scripts can be integrated into the RapidMiner analysis processes. RapidMiner offers a new R perspective consisting of the known R console together with the great plotting facilities of R. All variables as well as R scripts can be stored in the RapidMiner Repository and used from there which helps to organize the usually large number of scripts. Furthermore, widely used modeling methods are directly integrated as RapidMiner operators as usual.

“This is a huge step for open source data analysis. RapidMiner offers a great user interface, a clear process structure and lots of ETL and analysis capabilities necessary for real-world problems. R adds a lot of flexibility and many analysis and data manipulation methods. The result is the by far most powerful data transformation and analysis solution worldwide. And this analysis power is now combined with the ease-of-use already known from RapidMiner.” states Dr. Ingo Mierswa, CEO of Rapid-I.

Visit the RCOMM 2010 and learn more about how to integrate analysis and preprocessing methods offered by R as well as how to use the new R perspective offering a full R console and access to all R plotters.

Thus Rapid Miner is one more mainstream software (after SPSS, SAS etc) to add R functionality to it.

Catching Phishes

A great and free way to prevent your system and networks from phishing attacks is to route your DNS through www.opendns.com

The website says it all- Screenshot belongs to www.opendns.com .It handles more than 9.4 billion DNS requests daily.


Nice and Impressive stuff www.opendns.com  offers this service especially for DNS kind of attacks and botnet attacks specifically.By authenticating the website it thus helps your network from accidently downloading any malware or Trojans right at the entry stage itself.

The Plot to Kill Obama

The Plot to Kill Obama :Updated 28 August

Note- This is a continuous article since Feb 2008 ,collecting all data points on plots against Mr Barack Obama. The Media sources are authentic, the scenario and what if analysis is fictional, and readers are expected to use OBJECTIVITY rather than passion to draw their conclusions.

Barack Obama’s Assasination would pave the way for either McCain or Hillary Clinton to the White House. Neither of them are expected to seriously damage corporate interests , they wont be clamping down on outsourcing American Jobs, they are less likely to cut rebates for wealthy, and less likely to avoid lobbyists from the gun and health pharma lobby. They are less likely to expedite the end of Iraq war, and the tens of billions spent every month that go from tax payers to major corporations is less likely to be threatened by Obama out of the way. So a few people would definitely make serious money if Barack Hussein Obama goes back to his Kenyan family graveyard.

COUNTERPOINT– Also if Obama gets elected , gets in a cowboyish Missile crisis

,loses a bay of Pigs due to morals ,appoints a brother as an attorney general , who is not charged or questioned before an actress died, but assumes a high moral ground (rather than political ambition) and goes out to investigate Mafia men who may be critical allies in a new cold war,he may end up in a Harvey Dent state funeral with people self justifying the extreme use of force.The last famous political dynasty (which won a very close election, and had a non mainstream religion called Catholism were the Kennedys.

All three Kennedy brothers had close escapes with death in the 1960’s , Ted had two (one in a plane crash which gave him a back injury) and the car crash on the bridge.The Other two brothers didnt quite make it.

THINK….What would likely happen if someone killed Obama.

The question is – is there a credible plot to kill Obama?

As per Feb’s NY times –

From the NYT Story DALLAS There is a hushed worry on the minds of many supporters of Senator Barack Obama, echoing in conversations from state to state, rally to rally: Will he be safe?

Representative Bennie Thompson, Democrat of Mississippi and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, raised concerns in a letter in January to officials who oversee the Secret Service. While Mr. Obama was already receiving protection, Mr. Thompson said that the intense interest in the election prompted him to make sure that Mr. Obama and the other candidates were offered adequate security.

This means that there is a security threat perceived already.

As per Huffington Post- a recent Obama rally at Dallas had police complain about a security breach, when in order to speed up the queues forming they waved metal detection and frisking for people. And this at a Texas rally , where concealed weapons laws are the most liberal.http://www.star-telegram.com/667/story/486413.html

This means that hectic electioneering and Obama’s popularity , his strengths could be his fatal illness.

Obama seeks to take JFK’s legacy. We hope the corporate interests and interests controlling today’s Washington allow him the chance to do so. Except for the end of course.

Hopefully 2008 wont be like 1968

Update – July 3 2008- An officer guarding Obama’s Motorcade was injured in a collision when a van struck him.


On a fast ride Wednesday from the U.S. Air Force Academy to a luxury hotel where Obama was staying and holding a fundraiser, Orvin suffered minor injuries after a van crashed into his motorcycle, which was blocking traffic for the entourage.

Colorado Springs police Sgt. Scott Wisler said the driver of a van was cited for rear-ending the officer.

Updated –


Editorial Disclaimer – This is based on prior events and hypothesizes a fictional what if scenario. Any co relation is coincidental. The sources and written past events quoted are actual. Keep abusive comments to the minimum, and you DO have the right to articulate passionaltely your fears and misgivings. Read privacy policy before submitting false name comments .The post gets almost 2-3 visitors per week from search -engines with the key words “kill obama”.


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