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My latest creation

I have just teamed up to create my latest venture called Kush Cognitives (Kush is my son). The firm is gonna make websites, build statistical analysis and offer social media offerings. It’s my latest venture and it merges all my previous ones and skills. After almost 3 years of working on and off with multiple people, this one is with a friend in the US.

Over the years (since 2007) I have made (defunct), Swarajya Analytics Private Limited ( – now sold) and now Kush Cognitives. I have gone through the models of proprietorship and corporation and now partnership.

Kush Cognitives is hosted at (as our flagship website) and we have shifted the blog to

We are aiming at the startups and small and medium segments first, but we retain capabilities for bigger clients as well. Lesser Bullshit and More Bang for your Buck.

So wish us luck- and if you need any social media advice, statistical analysis to be done, or technical matters of creating websites-This also includes training customization in R , SAS  , and statistical software but from a more practical point of view from a user angle. We are able to cater to both US and Indian clients.

give us a buzz at


Ajay Ohri

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Turning the Internet into a Super Computer (Uodated)

If you are a fan of distributed computing or parallel computation- you may notice a strange thing

All parallel computation basically involves tieing a lot of desktops and servers together- which is very profitable for the companies that make them.

However the biggest and most idle source of processing power is the Internet- millions of web servers.

So is it possible to create a parallel computer which ties in the web servers. Imagine if we take the R Web package , add it to R- Hadoop Streaming package AND SNOW Phase 3 and create a wordpress plugin for the web.

Would it work? Could it work? or is this a craxy thought

TO add some more fun- add in bit torrenting BUT on web servers through the wordpress or a javascript plugin. OR a cloud operating system ( call it K.U.S.H)

Are you having fun yet?

So if we have this resource, then it basically helps reduce the digital divide a bit.

Think about it——————————————————————————–
Ajay- Note I am working on this project in my spare time and I call it K.U.S.H

Kinematically User Shared Hosts ( KUSH is also my son). Thus if you pursue it, prior ..*.art is claimed.

pps I was kidding on the prior *art , some people didnt get the *.

3 Billion Asian and Africans stay without a computer because someone has a patent to each and everything that goes with it.

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