Stuff I like to Read to Kush: Kush's Blog

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I am putting together a list of top 500 Blogs on –


Some additional points-

  • I like YCombinator‘s Hacker News– so the auto parsed links are like that on main page. They lead to original websites.
  • Comments are disabled, feed is jumbled, only 40 word excerpts are shown.
  • Intent is also to show open source blogs and enterprise blogs at same time (regardless of advertising by vendors 😉 )
  • If your blog feed is there, I will keep it there – either dont write or dont use RSS if you dont want to share
  • If your blog feed is not there, it is probably not there for a reason.
  • No ads will be shown NOW or FOREVER on that site.

And after all that noise- you can see Kush’s Blog –

Author: Ajay Ohri

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