Turning the Internet into a Super Computer (Uodated)

If you are a fan of distributed computing or parallel computation- you may notice a strange thing

All parallel computation basically involves tieing a lot of desktops and servers together- which is very profitable for the companies that make them.

However the biggest and most idle source of processing power is the Internet- millions of web servers.

So is it possible to create a parallel computer which ties in the web servers. Imagine if we take the R Web package , add it to R- Hadoop Streaming package AND SNOW Phase 3 and create a wordpress plugin for the web.

Would it work? Could it work? or is this a craxy thought

TO add some more fun- add in bit torrenting BUT on web servers through the wordpress or a javascript plugin. OR a cloud operating system ( call it K.U.S.H)

Are you having fun yet?

So if we have this resource, then it basically helps reduce the digital divide a bit.

Think about it——————————————————————————–
Ajay- Note I am working on this project in my spare time and I call it K.U.S.H

Kinematically User Shared Hosts ( KUSH is also my son). Thus if you pursue it, prior ..*.art is claimed.

pps I was kidding on the prior *art , some people didnt get the *.

3 Billion Asian and Africans stay without a computer because someone has a patent to each and everything that goes with it.

Art Credit- “http://www.sgeier.net/fractals/fractals/02/Eye%20of%20the%20Storm.jpg”

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